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Sizzling Ways to Seduce Your Valentine


Sizzling Ways to Seduce Your Valentine

When I was a teenager way back in the late eighties, us girls would get all nervous and worried around Valentines Day. We hoped and prayed that special cute guy in the class would ask us out. Later on, being a single young woman I did the same but then it was the guy in the office.

We women often assume or expect the man to ask us out and make Valentine Day special. This editorial goes out to the young readers. We need more “girl power”, you need to take control of Valentine’s Day and ask that cute guy out.

Once you have done it, you have to start planning the evening. Either you can go out and have dinner and then maybe a movie, but if you are in seduction mode, then you need to cook at home or at least use a catering.

Make sure you have plenty to drink at home and that the food is not too heavy. No big steaks or heavy desserts. You don’t want your man to fall asleep on the couch after dinner. Fish, seafood and salads are great.

Dress sexy, but don’t over do it. Let him see cleavage, but not your nipples. If you wear a skirt, keep it short, but he doesn’t have to see your underwear when you open the oven. Be light on the makeup, don’t over do it. Perfumes should be hinted at not bathed in.

Make sure you have done all the prep work before he arrives. That way you won’t get stains on your clothes.

After dinner, sit together on the couch; watch a scary movie so you can snuggle up close to him. Put your hand on his leg and then squeeze lightly at the scary parts. Turn into him, so that he can feel your boobs.

If everything goes as planned you should be making out by the time the movie is half way through. Now it’s the time to be brave. If you feel you will end up making love, do it on the couch. Don’t go hiding away in the darkness of your bedroom. Do it right there and then. Show him you are not shy and that you know what you want, and how to get it.

Undress him, loosen the tie slowly, and then unbutton the shirt one button at the time while you are straddling him. Let you skirt ride up on your thigh. Lean in to kiss him, but pull away in the last minute. Play with him, and have fun.

Do it on the floor, in the armchair or wherever there is space. This is the day of the lovers, so celebrate it.

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Natasha Tsarina

Natasha Tsarina is the author of fourteen Erotic novellas. When she doesn’t write she likes to take long walks and read. She lives in Spain, and before that for extended time in South and North America. She can be reached through email and you can find her books on Amazon.


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