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Laura Danger

Laura Danger

I have always had an interest in health so my background is in Nursing, specialised in gynaecology, so I know the insides (literally) and outsides of vaginas, I had a keen interest in sexual health so doing my Master’s of Sexology was the ideal choice for me. I eventually plan to do my PhD with a thesis on Female Ejaculation. I believe sex is a natural, normal, healthy part of adult life. I love sex, I love talking about sex, and I also love helping other people enjoy sex too. I have a passion for the promotion of safe sex, supporting sexuality in people with disabilities and the importance of proper, realistic sex education. I have knowledge in a variety of sex and sexuality areas from Sex Therapy, kink, BDSM, sexological bodywork, sex and religion, sex toys, polyamory, sex surrogacy, sex and the law, LGBT, transgenderism, sexual dysfunctions, somatic sex, sex offender rehabilitation, pornography, sex and the elderly, sex after serious illness, sexual enhancement, fetishes, forensics, paraphilia’s, Tantra and many more. I’m a human rights activist in regards to female genital mutilation and sex trafficking and continuously work to make a difference and raise awareness in these areas. I write a blog which covers a myriad of topics and most of all is a platform for the promotion of safe sex. I work very hard, I’m extremely devoted to facilitation and education and if my work can prevent just one person contracting an STI or enable one person with a disability to experience sexuality then it will all be worth it because I’ll have made a difference to someone’s life and to me that’s everything. I regularly answer questions on the SimplySxy society board, I’m extremely open minded and totally non-judgemental so I’m happy to answer all questions on anything to do with sex and sexuality so long as it’s legal, appropriate and consensual behaviour. Stop by with any of your questions and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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