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How Are Top OnlyFans Accounts Enticing Subscribers?


How Are Top OnlyFans Accounts Enticing Subscribers?

In 2021, personality and model, Black Chyna was the number one OnlyFans creator, taking home a cool $20 million per month for her content. Bella Thorne came in second at $11 million per month, while Cardi B raked in $9.34 million. Not all big-selling OnlyFan accounts belong to household names, however. Many creators in the erotic scene are creating a big fan base via word-of-mouth, using savvy strategies to stay at the top of their game.

Interacting with Fans

Direct messaging can be a big source of income for OnlyFans creators, as it creates a stronger tie between them and their users. Of course, if you have a subscriber count of 30K or above, then it can be difficult to find the time to respond personally to everyone who writes to you. Some of the best OnlyFans creators are hiring ghostwriters to take charge of direct messaging tasks. Files are carefully kept so that communication flows and writers ‘remember’ details shared in the past.

Creating the Girlfriend/Boyfriend Illusion

Many creators aren’t jumping into sexy content. Instead, they are sharing key moments from their daily lives with subscribers—including having breakfast, going to the mall, or having lunch at a restaurant. Spiciness is always guaranteed, but the whole feel of this type of account is that of an adult-centered reality show.

Mature Cosplay

Cosplay most certainly is not just for teens. Adult-based Cosplay accounts like @stepmother (Zayla) feature a stunning creator who embraces the stepmom persona with aplomb. She enjoys hanging around in bikinis all day, but occasionally shifts roles to that of a promiscuous housewife who’s dying for a little more attention. As is the case with most successful OnlyFans account, this one allows you to request erotic, personalized content that you can enjoy on an exclusive basis.

Curvy Creators

If one trend is blazing on OnlyFans, it is that of curvy creators. The range of content available is indeed impressive, and accounts by icons like @rileykwums are a breath of fresh air. This creator not only posts sexy content, but also promotes self-appreciation and acceptance. It isn’t surprising to find content creators from other media (like Instagram) also making a killing by appealing to subscribers with an eye for curves. Take the case of the body-positive 23-year-old from Australia, Audrey Aura. She has almost 30K followers on Instagram and a successful OnlyFans account, from which she makes $38,000 per month by acceding to personal requests. She recently shared that one request some subs ask her to complete is that of “jiggling her fat” or doing naked jumping jacks. Aura states that while she once felt down about her body, today, she loves it, thanks in no small part to the legions of subscribers that applaud her every move.

OnlyFans can be an incredibly lucrative career to pursue. These days, top creators are appealing to fans by working on direct messages and personal requests, and by fulfilling specific niches (such as the nice for mature cosplay creators). Many are also promoting self-love and self-acceptance, which are highly valued pillars of the body-positive movement.

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