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Tokyo Based Singer Songwriter Syrena Quills


Tokyo Based Singer Songwriter Syrena Quills

My name is Sarina, but I go as Syrena (pronounced the same) online! I’m Lebanese-Japanese and I live in Tokyo.

What inspired you to be a singer songwriter?

My whole family is made of performers, my mothers a dancer and my father a singer. I guess growing up around the industry it really opened my eyes to this burning passion for performance I had!

Which is a memorable performance you have done before that you enjoyed every minute of it?

My first professional musical! I was 12 and terrified during my audition, and convinced I didn’t get it but three weeks later I was told that I had gotten the lead role. The rehearsals were gruelling but on opening night… the curtains lifted, the lights hit my face and the music started. It was amazing!! I shared the role so I performed opening night, a Saturday matinee and then closing night. We got standing ovations every time!!! I look back on those days and cry sometimes…

How many characters have you estimated to have cosplayed and do you have any favorites?

I haven’t cosplayed all that much in all honesty. I’ve done two characters from Love Live (school idol project), I did a cosplay of a vampire named Krul Tepes from Seraph of the end. And then two versions of Hatsune Miku! My favourite is probably Hatsune Miku!

What are 3 fun things you like to do in the city you live in?

I love love love love love cafe culture here!! So one of my favourite things to do is just to go cafe crawling, looking for cute and hidden cafes and enjoying a nice cup of house blend coffee. Sometimes with a friend, sometimes alone. I also love aimlessly walking around, you find incredibly interesting things when you aren’t actually looking, so I do that a lot when I go on street shoots. And lastly, I’d say I enjoy karaoke with friends!

Which movie or TV show did you watch recently and do you recommend it?

I’ve been in a slump recently so I’ve been rewatching some anime. I recently rewatched Made In Abyss which I think is fantastic! A tad dark so be careful. And then I’m also watching the Great British Baking Show! It’s very relaxing but don’t watch it when you’re hungry!

Is there any food or drink you can’t live without?

I’m pretty health conscious so I’d say my favourite food are kind of boring, but I am absolutely addicted to caffeine!! Without my daily three coffees I cannot survive haha.

What is a lame attempt a guy has tried to know you before?

Oh god… there’s so many…. I don’t remember most of them because they aren’t quite worth remembering. In all honesty? The worst ones are when people just straight up say “hey are you waiting for someone? Are you single? Want to grab a drink?”, when I’m just walking or standing someplace.

It happens really often and I guess I find the approach dull and unoriginal. If you had a really hilarious pick up line that was obviously a joke, or an insightful question, a nice compliment, that already makes a huge difference.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Syrena. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

I think in this day, the word “Sexy” is widely appropriated to mean “sexual.” But something can be sexy without being inherently sexual! So to me I find independence, mental and emotional maturity, intellect and a will to learn incredibly sexy. When someone shows me that they have their life together or are actively working to better themselves, that shows a lot of strength of heart and that’s very much sexy.

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