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Misconceptions of Camming

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Misconceptions of Camming

Cam modeling has given me tons of confidence in my work and everyday life. It’s something that teaches true commitment and patience. The outcome really depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. So, realistically it can be difficult but the passion, knowledge, and confidence I’ve gained from being in this industry motivates me to succeed.

How I Began Camming

I’ve always been the kind of person that is comfortable with my sexuality and expression. I have always taken an interest in the sex industry, stripping being one of my first interests. I found out about amateur porn which I felt suited my need for freedom of sexual expression.

Shortly after, I found camming and that’s where I felt like I had found a dope community of like minded freaks. I enjoy that sometimes people just wanna get off with me but other times, people just want a friend to chat with about anything and that’s equally as enjoyable.

How Competitive Is Camming?

The way a lot of cam sites are set up with rankings and exposure due to how much you earn, can be very competitive and discouraging even. Even though many models from this community support and respect each other, there is always an instilled mindset that you have to be number one in order to be succesful but that’s not always the case. Any model can be successful regardless of what their ranking is.

Misconceptions About Camgirls & Camming

Many people think that camming is the easiest part of sex work but from my own and others experience, it’s one of the most self-disciplined line of work and that in itself can be difficult to manage. Consistency is key, as well as being able to look after your mental health at the same time. You never know if streaming for hours all night will pay off the way you want it to.

It’s not just about sitting in front of a camera, be cute, and you get a thousand dollars within minutes. It’s about making goals for yourself to work towards every night, having that entertainer aspect of being able to perform for people for hours at a time regardless of if you’re getting tipped or not.

Preventing Such Misconceptions From Arising

I believe that more people are starting to see the validity that makes cam modeling a real job, especially with the help of more people coming out about the experience. Misconceptions about sex work as a whole still affects us but the more communication on the topic has only spread more awareness.

It’s still hard for people outside of this industry to fully understand without the experience but it is not for everyone and that’s okay. I just hope that everyone realizes we are just like everyone else trying to make a living and putting in the hard work to reach that.

Levana Lenoir – I am a cam model and amateur content creator. I love blurring the lines between porn and experimental art. DIY is what I live for.

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Levana Lenoir

I’m Levana Lenoir. I am a cam model and amateur content creator. I love blurring the lines between porn and experimental art. DIY is what I live for.


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