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What It Takes To Be A Hotwife


What It Takes To Be A Hotwife

As long as sex is between consenting adults, anything goes. I view sex as purely pleasure, much like eating a very decadent dessert or having a nice cocktail or glass of wine. Sex is an amazing mental escape and release of tension.

What Convinced My Husband To Allow Me To Be A Hotwife

Convincing him wasn’t necessary because in our entire time together, I’ve never been monogamous.  In other words, he married me this way.

Misconceptions About Hotwives

According to “A hotwife is a married woman who has sexual relationships outside of her marriage, with the full knowledge of her husband“. This definition is accurate in my situation.  We are not all swingers or have our husbands watch us when having sex with our bulls (some hotwives do, I do not). We don’t just fuck anyone. Like most people, I have preferences and select my lovers based on them.

Characteristics Of Bulls I Look For

Age 18-30, well endowed, fit, sexually open.  I usually gravitate towards the edgy punk rock types, although a few sexy brainy types have caught my attention.

What To Know Before Becoming A Hotwife

Just make sure that the primary relationship with your husband is strong and that he’s on board.

Hotwifeviv – Sex blogger who writes about her online dating experiences!

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Sex blogger who writes about her online dating experiences


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