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How To Satisfy A Lady Through Oral Sex

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How To Satisfy A Lady Through Oral Sex

I think more people should do more oral sex and less penetrative sex! While penetrative sex feels good, oral sex can open up the door for an orgasm you might not have thought was possible. I think that a lot of people don’t like doing oral because they are insecure that they aren’t doing it correctly, but really, communication is key and learning what feels right for you or your partner will leave you both completely satisfied.

How Underrated Is Foreplay?

Foreplay has become sort of a lost art. People now have become very rushed in their sex life. Everything sort of has become fast and while quickies are cool, have a long session with tons of foreplay not only will have you more connected with your partner but with your own body too because it allows you to explore what turns you on. Sex, again, is more than just penetration. Sex is a process. I don’t believe in too much foreplay. Now, everybody is different of course, but for me, I enjoy foreplay more than penetrative sex.

Oral Sex Tips For Men

Communicate! Ask them what they like. Focus on the clitoris! I cannot stress that enough. A clitoris is filled with so many nerves that can lead to one of the best orgasms a person with a vagina can have. Don’t just jam your fingers up there. Be gentle. Rub, suck and lick it and see how her moans and body reacts to it.

I think that experimenting depends on what your relationship is with the person but definitely ask before you try something new. Consent is key!

Ways To Kink Up Oral Sex

There are many ways to spice up how you give oral. There’s flavored lube or condoms, sex toys you can use to help you (like a vibrator in her while you’re giving her oral). I’ve had someone use ice once on me before and for ladies, giving him oral while having a peppermint in your mouth does wonders.

Things Men Must Never Do

Don’t jam your fingers in there. I’m not sure where some men got the idea that its okay to do that but it does NOT feel good.

Don’t use any actual food like chocolate syrup down there unless you’re going to pay to cure the yeast infection she is bound to get from that.

Don’t spit or slob all over the place down there.

And rub the clitoris nicely, stop rubbing all hard.

Veronica Santos – Elite Latina companion from Chicago and content creator.

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Veronica Santos

Veronica Santos is an elite Latina companion from Chicago and content creator.


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