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How To Enjoy Anal Sex

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How To Enjoy Anal Sex

Anal sex is something that you can’t just jump into. It takes patience and planning towards getting into it. It is something that not everybody can do. And you can’t just get into it like regular sex. YOU HAVE TO RELAX AND LET YOUR MIND BE FREE. It has to be approached with care. I’d have to be talked into doing it slowly; psyching myself out that this is really happening and I might even enjoy it.

Why Is Anal Play Enjoyable

I have only experienced anal play with my toys, my plugs and anal beads. So I gained an idea of pleasure from doing anal sex and wonder what it would be like with a man; would he enjoy it more than me. Well I would get such a sense of pleasure from my toys that makes my pussy water. So I know that with a man, the orgasms would be explosively intense.

👉ANAL SEX👈 IS ANOTHER LEVEL OF PLEASURE.  A pleasure that I’m willing to make apart of my lifestyle.

Preparation Required For Anal Sex

Firstly, you have to massage your ass while you’re lubricating.  You have to do anal exercises (KEGEL) to loosen your anal walls. The walls should be nice and relaxed before penetration. Everything has to be done gradually and slow until you are comfortable enough and ready.

Ways To Make It Enjoyable For Both Parties

Well firstly, my partner and I got to have the right chemistry. Nice foreplay and nice music goes a long way.  Simply, some nice anal play and licking does escalate it to go down. Also, have him whispering how good it is makes it wetter and better. Then, have him sucking, licking and tongue kissing my nipples while stroking, turning me over to begin kissing my booty cheeks makes me weak. The booty massage is the best way to start anal play. Baby oil, nice music, him rubbing me; gets the pussy dripping ready and waiting.

3 Best Positions For Anal

Spooning would be one of my first choice.

The second would be doggy-style.

Then my third choice would be planking.

8 Anal Sex Tips For Beginners

1. The woman should not eat anything 5 to 6 hours prior to having anal sex to avoid truffle butter.

2. After making the walls nice and relaxed, douche it out with warm water a couple of times.

3. Use plenty of lubricant.

4. For the men, listen to your woman. When she says slow down, she might be in pain. Don’t mistake it for moans.

5. After anal, wait and rest. Let the walls contract back.

6. Hit the shower and wash thoroughly.

7. Wash it all out, the lubricant and cum.

8. Last but not least, let the music set the mood. Let your mind, body and soul take control.

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