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Hottest Dating Trends in 2019


Hottest Dating Trends in 2019

Ah the single life (love it or hate it) we all end up there at some points in our lives. Whether you love playing the field and exploring new partners or are new to the singles market and feeling a little lost in the crowd, here are the hottest dating trends of 2019.

Don’t venture out there until you’re up to speed as modern dating has evolved and continues to do so!

A Name for Everything

It seems that every type of action or reaction must have a name these days. You are probably familiar with ghosting and curving, but there are several new terms that leave a lot of singles stumped.

Here are some of the hottest terms to arrive on the single market:

  1. Vulturing – when you notice your crush’s relationship is on the rocksand you arrive on the scene just in time to lift them off their feet and ‘save them’ from the dying relationship.”
  2. Grandeing – Ariana Grande is known for celebrating when a relationship ends, being happy and grateful for the lessons that have been learned rather than mourning the loss of the love you had and festering with resentment and hurt. This is a positive way of looking at things and perhaps one of the best terms in 2019.
  3. Throning – This isn’t anything to do with the new season of Game of Thrones coming up. It’s more to do with dating someone that makes you look good and who gives your reputation a lift. Use your date to ascend to your throne.

Virtual Reality Dating

VR isn’t quite taking off as much as was hoped but it’s still around and it continues to develop. One area virtual realityis proving to be successful in is erotic arts, movies and personal experiences. Now this technology is entering the dating arena too. VR headsets provide an effective way of meeting and getting to know others in a virtual location. It’s personal, safe and a lot of fun!

Wearing a headset and venturing ‘into’ the internet is like online dating only projected into virtual settings to further enhance the experience. The beauty of VR dating is that distance doesn’t make a difference, you can date and potentially fall in love with anyone in the world. It’s also a brilliant way of seeing if there is a genuine connection before arranging a real life meet up. The other side is that you can have some virtual fun together even if neither of you intend on getting together in real life.

Building Confidence with Chat Lines

Many singles will use texting as a way of practicing their game and honing their dating skills. Mistakes are sometimes made (think before you send a pic) but often sexting and the use of chatlines helps to build confidence that can be transferred into ‘real life’ dating scenarios.

Chatlines are safe zones where you can be expressive and enjoy flirty and sexual experiences using your smartphone. They also give you the opportunity to be vocal and work on practicing skills beyond the use of text or a keyboard. It’s also nice to hear the exchange rather than read it.

Not sure where to start with chat lines? Resources like Chatline Connect can be of major assistance.

Staying Sober

Many people get stuck in the loop of combing dating with nights out involving several alcoholic drinks. However, in 2019 many people are more health conscious and cautious too. Many singles will often kiss or even sleep with dates when they’re drunk and then regret their actions almost instantly.

Sober dating helps to ensure there is a true and genuine connection, increasing the likelihood of happy comings together rather than messy ones. It can be hard to skip the Dutch courage that usually follows a drink or two, but with a little bit of practice, sober dating can become enjoyable and far more successful.

The Perfect DNA Match

For the past couple of years, DNA testing has been a huge hit with millennials and Generation X. YouTube is full of videos showing individuals learning about their personal traits and ancestry. The fun doesn’t stop there though, it is possible to use DNA to find a suitable love match and all that is required is a quick swab of the cheek.

It’s all about that chemistry, the invisible magic that makes a kiss a great one or that drives us to swoon each time your crush is near. That chemistry can be evaluated using DNA, increasing the chances of ensuring electricity when you finally move in for the kiss.

From DNA testing to chatlines, the dating game has never been hotter thanks to technological advances of the 21st Century. If you’re lucky enough to be single it’s definitely a great time to start exploring the possibilities and find the next Mister or Missus right.

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