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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Is your sex life boring? Even worse, is it “non-existent”?

Maybe your current partners aren’t interesting. Or, maybe you’re too busy, with a dry spell going on… If you’ve got those issues, keep reading. We’ll give you a few fixes. Below are FIVE tips to spice up your sex life. Check them out, and have a fun time!

#1 – Find Easy Hookups.

Maybe your sex life is horrible because of your game…

That is, maybe you’re old school. You might be playing the old “pickup at a bar/club”

If so, it’s time to step it up. Get with the times, and let technology do the magic for you!

How So? Use the internet!

Specifically, look for sex sites. Those are far and plenty. Plus, you’ll find hookups in your area, and in short notice!

Which Sex Sites?

Well, there are plenty. You’ve got something like It’s the world’s most known hookup up. You’ll surely find a few dates over there!

#2 – Find More Than One.

The best way to spice up sex is by getting multiple partners.

The same partner can get boring. They become predictable in what they like, and over time, there’s nothing to explore…

So you want to change partners around.

What to Look For.

Find ones with different personalities in bed. Look for one who like to play rough. Then find another who likes to make your experience “sweet and romantic.” Or, maybe you’re looking to enjoy different physical features – like different body types, skin tones, etc. Basically, alternate. Get online, and find yourself multiple sex partners, and make sure you get much variety!


You gain an advantage in availability. That is, if one partner isn’t available, another can show up to give you fun. So you’ll never have your needs unfulfilled!

#3 – Don’t Overcommit.

Casual hookups are hard to maintain. They don’t last for long. At worst, it’s a one night stand. And at its best, your hookup sticks around for a few months. So don’t commit too much.

Why? Because you don’t want to develop an attachment to them. And if that was your goal, then why not just start a relationship?

Spicing Up Means Variety.

This ties into the previous point.

Not committing forces you to fish for more. It forces you to find women who might be more enjoyable.

#4 – Add More Entertainment.

Good news. This tip applies to both couples and causal hookups. So you can apply it if you’re in a relationship!

So what to do? Spice up your sex life with “before” and “after” entertainment.

That is, have a light meal beforehand. Maybe one of you can cook something for the other partner… Or how about watching a movie after you’re done? That’s always a nice way to finish off a sex session. It makes the atmosphere more relaxing. It helps you relieve tension, which is what you’re trying to achieve anyway!

#5 – Start Using Sex Toys.

Nothing spices up your sex life more than good toys. And by sex toys, we don’t just mean the average vibrator. Instead, we recommend getting the more unique ones… You can get toys that enhance intercourse – or provide unique forms of stimulation. They’ll make sex easier. They’ll intensify every orgasm each side has. And you’ll both want to come back for more!

Important Note.

Make sure you own those toys. Quality toys can get expensive. Many of them cost upwards of $100 per item. So you don’t want a partner taking that home, only for it to never be seen again. That would be a crisis to your wallet.

Final Tip – Get Creative.

Depending on your situation, there are many “adjustments” that can make your sex life better.

For example, maybe you like dress up. Maybe a little role play is what adds more to your sex life…

Or how about BDSM? That could be something you and your partner are into.

Obviously, those habits are worlds apart. But there are thousands more, and you can explore them to your heart’s content.

Whatever it is, make sure you explore. You’ve got to know your sexual preferences before hunting for hookups.

That way, you’ll know what to demand. You’ll know what you need to make spice up your sex life!

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