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How To Save Your Relationship From A Sexual Breakdown

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How To Save Your Relationship From A Sexual Breakdown

Sexual breakdowns in relationships start slowly. You think and wonder, how did we get here? There could be a lot of reasons for a sexual breakdown, maybe you or your partner travel a lot for work or are always busy and never have the time. Many people have said that over time they lose sexual interest and it gets too “old” and “boring”. You might love the person forever but doesn’t mean the sex will always be amazing. Now the real question is – what are ways to save your relationship from a sexual breakdown?

Sexting – If you or your partner travel for business or work a 9am-7pm job and have kids or overall if things are lagging in the bedroom, sexting is a great way to spice things up. That’s where sexting comes in handy. Some people think sexting might be “awkward “ or “uncomfortable “ but sexting is an actual great way to get closer with your partner and keep the relationship interesting.

Sexting can be a great to keep in touch, find out more of what your partner likes, get back up if you and your partner are drifting, or even build trust. Some ways of sexting would be to take a hot pic/video of yourself and send it to your partner with a little message saying you’re thinking about them in a very naughty way, or if you’re at work, randomly surprise your partner with a sext saying all the things you would like to do to them, even if you usually don’t do those things when your actually in the bedroom.

Sexting has been proven by experts that it can really keep you and your partner more interested in each other over time and find out more about what your partner likes in bed and hype up your sex life !

BDSM – Have you watched 50 Shades Of Grey? Thats a great example of BDSM. If you feel like you and your partners’ sex life is dying out, taking a role play and using BDSM can save your sex life. I’ve had experience with many people that I personally know where after a couple of years with their partner, they just weren’t that into them anymore. You and your partner can try many things like using toys, trying different positions or different types of intercourse such as oral and anal sex.

You can spice things up by bringing in a pair of hand cuffs, some blindfolds, or maybe even a whip. Of course you should always have a safe word which will allow the partner to tell you to stop. If you’re new to this, watching videos on it can help a lot on what to do. Never forget to use some spanking or chocking, this will really spice things up in the relationship. Also ladies buying a new sexy lingerie to turn your partner on can never hurt. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try new things, you and your partner can totally change your relationship in a amazing way.

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