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How To Blow Like A Pro

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How To Blow Like A Pro

My personal views on Blowjobs is that every women should do it to make their man’s eyes roll back into their skull. I personally love to give Blowjobs. It’s the best feeling in the world when I feel him growing in my mouth and as he’s sliding down my throat and making my eyes water.

Blowjobs are something that just makes you feel like a women. I’ve loved giving Blowjobs since I was 16. I worked at a Dairy Queen at the time and my manager was the hottest MAN. I told her you must love sucking on him. She replied that she never had done it before and that it was not something she was into.

After about 10 years later, we reconnected over dinner. She told me that she’s cheating on her man with her son’s soccer coach and she loved giving Blowjobs especially to her new found coach. She explained that she loved it so much and how she could not have seen it before. I told her, welcome to the club.

Bad Blowjobs

In my own opinion, a bad blowjob is if the man isn’t moaning or deep breathing, you’re fucking it up, and not in a good way. When a women is too sloppy with it and isn’t doing it properly, it pains me to see that or hear stories of women who used their teeth. No Teeth, NEVER.

Overrated Blowjob Techniques

An overrated move I see/hear a lot of is women using their hands. I get it sometimes you might need to breath or the dick is so big you need a little help. A Blowjob is done with your mouth and your throat.

Favorite Blowjob Moves

My favorite Blowjob moves I must say, giving a man head is my specialty. Some of my favorite moves are eye contact (very important), I like to suck and twirl my tongue around his head, and when I go down and put the whole thing in my mouth I move my head in a circle, then come back up.

I really like when he uses my mouth and fucks the back of my throat. Another thing I really enjoy is making love to that penis with my mouth. I’ll kiss it slowly, lick those perfect balls, and put that shaft between my huge natural lips. I love the male appendage.

How I Like Him To Finish

I like it when he cums on my face or breasts. I am not a big fan of swallowing unless I love him. I really don’t enjoy the taste of semen. I like to suck on him till he’s about to bust. Afterwards, we step outside to “inhale” some air. Then we cuddle and he holds me, Then in about ten mins or so, I want his dick in my mouth again.

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