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Australian Model Mia Lucas


Australian Model Mia Lucas

Hi Mia it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Thanks for having me! I’m from Melbourne, Australia! I’m a really big history buff and I love to cook and read!

How will you describe your fashion style?

It’s a bit of everything from my past and my present. I love wearing old band shirts and ripped jeans but I also love anything pink and super 90’s!

How many tattoos do you have and is there a story behind one of them?

I’ll just say I have one big tattoo in the making as some are being lasered off for better ideas. I have my Harry Potter torso piece, Gandalf and Jim Halpert on my right arm as well as family portraits on my left arm. They all mean something to me, even just childhood reminders of my favourite book. My family tattoos will always mean the most and I’m lucky my tattooist (Kristian Kimonides) has mirrored them perfectly.

What is the sexiest item in your wardrobe?

I absolutely love my tartan schoolgirl skirt, it’s super naughty and you can undo it from the front.

If there was a zombie apocalypse, how long do you think you’ll survive?

I think I’d either be the first to go or be the guy who builds a fortress and survives.

Are you much of a foodie?

Mate, I love my food. I’m a plant destroying vegan so I love finding new places to eat and meeting new people.

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

I’m sure most girls say it buuut, someone who can make me laugh. Physical attraction is a necessity but someone who can be my best friend also means a lot. I am a sucker for a great set of eyes too and someone who can cook!

Lamest or weirdest attempt a guy has hit on you? 

I had a dude pretend his best friend was dying of cancer and he full on cried! When we went out on a date, low and behold his friend pops up – very cancer free.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Mia. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is confidence, sexy is loving yourself and letting the world know you know you’re sexy.

Follow the beautiful Mia Lucas on:

Instagram: @chinadoll_sgh_

Images courtesy of Mia Lucas

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