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Should Pornstars Wear Condoms?

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Should Pornstars Wear Condoms?

Since I was a little girl, I always dreamt about having sex and never-ending orgasms. And only at the age of 19 I had it (not talking about blowjobs etc.) for the first time. Why so late? Maybe because if you wish for something so much, you are then afraid it won’t be that perfect as you were imaging it for so long? Who knows… It is like with anal sex. Most of the girls are skeptical about it because they find it weird and are afraid of pain. But once you finally decide to try it, it is definitely not bad at all.


Is Sex More Enjoyable With Or Without Condoms?

There are so many different kinds of condoms, that everyone can find the most suitable one. I don’t see any real difference between sex with or without a condom. If you like your partner and am excited about him, your pussy does get wet and enjoys having sex with him even when he uses a condom. The only difficulty I see is when you are actually planning to get pregnant, then the condom might be a bit problematic.

No Condoms In Porn

I have been told that using condoms in porn is disturbing people who are watching it. Because people want to see natural sex, not sex with condom. But in your real life, isn’t it natural having sex with a condom, when “meeting” someone for the first time?


Should Pornstars Wear Condoms?

Until there are existing performers who are under the effect of antibiotics when getting tested (yes, antibiotics do influence the test results, so even if you are positive on an STD, your STD test results will come out negative) or until there are existing performers who are having unprotected sex the night before their shoot (and yes, they are happy to share that on their social medias), then porn performers should definitely use condoms. Not to protect only their own health but mainly the health of all the others and their families.

When I was still working without condom, I rather had sex with a condom with my own husband. Isn’t that a bit weird? Imagine that after my first week in porn I was infected with gonorrhoea and he obviously caught it from me immediately. Therefore I then told to myself “no way” and I started to perform with a condom only.

If everyone starts using condoms in porn, everyone will find it normal. So no, it won’t change the industry in anyhow. Apart from performers being always healthy and so being able to work.


How Will Porn Evolve With Condoms?

In my opinion it will be exactly the same like now, you take out the condom just before the cumshot. If you want to see a creampie, well then the performers can do it with their life-partners (majority of pornstars are married anyway and most likely their husband/wife works also in porn), or simply use some cinematographic effects as it is already in use now.

Lynna Nilsson (Ms.Lynna) is an international full-time Photomodel, T-DJ and Adult Performer of Swedish-Czech origin. Since 2007 Lynna has worked internationally as Model and since 2013 also as DJ who in an exceptionally short time has come a long way. Read the rest of her profile below and follow her on and

Her new membership site, Lynna’s Sex World is a blog where you can read about a unique opportunity to shoot a scene with her, even if you are not from the porn business. With condom and valid STD obviously 😉

Images courtesy of Lynna Nilsson
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Lynna Nilsson

Lynna Nilsson (Ms.Lynna) is an international full-time Photomodel, T-DJ and Adult Performer of Swedish-Czech origin. Since 2007 Lynna has worked internationally as Model and since 2013 also as DJ who in an exceptionally short time has come a long way. Even if female DJs are not having the most easiest path in this business and need to work very hard to gain the real respect, Lynna easily proved her talent and after only couple of local performances, she has been offered her first gig in Mallorca's oldest night club - Tito's and a year later she worked also for BCM Planet Dance which was recently nominated the 5th best club in the world. But it won't be Lynna if she would be not looking for even newer experiences - in November 2014 she stepped into the adult entertainment and since then shot over 50 scenes and so satisfied her exhibitionisms. Between milestones of her modelling career we can consider becoming Playmate for Croatian Playboy in October 2012 and being published in magazines such as Mayfair, Brejk, UnCovered, Ajoure Men etc. and in the adult industry working for large productions such as Babes, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Private, 21sextury, Harmony, DDF, BangBros, Naughty America, VirtualRealPorn and much more.


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