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What Does It Take To Be A Good Pay Pig?


What Does It Take To Be A Good Pay Pig?

Put simply, I view kink and Findom as a method to feel – illusions or delusions; whatever you’re searching for. I look for a gloried connection with a slave. Modern day relationships bore me, I’m not into the cookie cutter, sweet tooth, hold hands in public bullshit. I like to draw a thick line between the superior and the inferior. Findom is a give and take relationship: pig gives and I take. I like being the queen and taking control.

My Interest in Findom

I have always had a dominate personality. When I was younger, I had a short fling with a rather handsome older man who bathed me in cash. He liked foot worship, humiliation and, verbal abuse. I was new to that kind of sexual degradation of men, but soon found my place as a rightful dominatrix. From there I found the Findom community online and have thrived.

My Specialties As A Findom

There are so many unique Findommes in our community, each as ravishing as the next.

I stand out because of my bizarre tasks I assign.

When a paypig tributes and devotes himself to his queen, I ask numerous questions to see what they’re into, their limits, experience, income, home life, etc. I assign tasks accordingly. I’m more of a lifestyle Findom.

One rough example: A man with a wife is into sissifaction – He wears his wife’s lingerie then cums into a glass of water, making them into ice cubes. Putting them into his and his wife’s drink. Proof of pictures are required.

What Are Pay Pigs Like

Paypigs / human ATMs /cash cows are men who surrender their entire life over to a Domme. Once a pig has tributes and signed our contract, we rule their finances. I personally go a little further then most.

I have found that most of my pigs have higher food chain roles at their workplace (mangers, CEOs, etc). I think they seek out ladies such as myself to get away from that pressure. We’re a relief. We provide what their wives cannot, and what is outside of their norm.

They’re just normal people. You couldn’t pick them out of a group. One of my pigs is actually a competitive body builder. Biggest man I’ve ever seen, it’s amusing how much of a pansy I turn him into.

I refer to them as: slaves, subs, losers, piggie, and any other belittling words I can think of. They’re nice guys, thankful for being able to view your photos, give you money, and your attention.

My Pay Pig Requirements

When a potential pay pig messages me, I first demand a tribute. I get up to 10 time wasters a day so it’s hard to decipher true pigs without tributes.

I calculate their finances. I see Findom as giving to your superior a little more than is comfortable. I don’t want to dedicate my attention to a pig who can only tribute a maximum of $90 a week. I put a lot of time and effort into thinking of tasks, shows, and videos designed for that pig.

And lastly, their attitude. They need to worship me. Be thankful of everything I give them. I am sugar coated, on the back seat full of vanity, gloriously sweet, born to be the other woman, yet I demand to be treated as number one.

Do’s And Don’ts For Every Pay Pig


– Tribute all you can spare. Give us your cash. Send us presents. Spoil your queen. And then tribute that cash you can’t. Send in your savings. You can live off toast for the next week, your cash looks better on my feet anyway.

– Thank your queen for everything.

– Agree to everything she says. Does she want you to go gay tonight? Real slutty, faggoty, spit roasted gay? You do as she says.


– Tell her you can’t afford her. This is FINDOM. If you can’t tribute then you have no reason to be in our messages. No one will take your broke ass.

– Tell her irrelevant shit. Oh you’re taking your wife to dinner tonight? Shouldn’t you be spending that money on a new designer dress for me? Oh you’re going to the game? Perhaps I want you to stay home and amuse me, yes. In fact, you’re not going anymore.

I am Queen Valarie! I am a Femdom cam girl. I dabble in all fetishes and primary thrive through Findom. My selfish attitude is intoxicating and addictive. I can make you feel things, darling.

Follow Queen Valarie on Twitter @QueenValariee and on MyFreeCams at Queen Valarie

Images courtesy of Queen Valarie
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Queen Valarie

Queen Valarie


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