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A Pornstar Guide To Facials and Swallowing

Sex Ed

A Pornstar Guide To Facials and Swallowing

Given that my chosen career is a professional sex-haver, my views on sex are very enthusiastic! I view it as a great way to maintain good health and emotional well-being of yourself and your relationship.

My Choice Between Facials And Swallowing

I enjoy the taste of cum, even when it fluctuates I find something enticing and interesting about savoring the flavor of someone’s pleasure. It also doesn’t leave a mess! Although I do really enjoy the slutty feeling of getting a facial and strongly empathize with male pleasure of seeing your semen all over a smiling girl’s face! In off-camera sex I tend to do more swallowing and in on-camera sex there is more of an emphasis on facials when it comes to choosing between the two.


Why Men Love Facials

If I were to stretch my psychoanalysis muscles, it would probably have something to do with unabashed enjoyment of sex and sexual fluids – wanting to rub your body all over the object of your desire is by far the best method of communicating your enjoyment. Most men that have discussed sex and attraction with me, unequivocally desire to be desired as their primary turn on and what better way of signaling that you love everything relating to penis and orgasms, than giddily covering yourself in its fluids!

One Tip To Prepare For A Facial

I smile, stick out my tongue, and try not to get too much of it in my eye!

Make Facials Kinkier!

I do porn and I already think facials are pretty damn kinky! Ubiquitous but still very naughty and scandalous. To up the kink factor, consider having your partner masturbate in front of you with the explicit and singular purpose of ejaculating on your face.


Swallowing Is Not As Bad As It Seems

Flavor can be a major detractor but often women approach oral sex and swallowing with preconceived notions of disgust and that instantly cuts off any opportunity for discovering enjoyment. In fact, blow jobs and swallowing in particular are the first on the list of “doing you a favor” sex acts and when women set up sex as a business transaction for which they are owed, they reduce their own ability to find pleasure in what is supposed to be a mutually enjoyable activity.

Proper diet heavy in raw fruits and vegetables (at least 24 hours before sex) and genital hygiene does wonders! However none of that will make a difference to a woman who has set herself up as doing for someone else a favor and not seeking her own enjoyment.

A Swallowing Etiquette?

Often women report that the times they have had the best sex and felt most fulfilled is when their partner focuses on their own enjoyment instead of fretting about whether or not he is doing every little thing right.

I would say this depends on the type of relationship. If your female partner is one of the rare few who prefers to have a lot of dialogue around sex boundaries and likes/dislikes then by all means engage in the conversation of discovering what does and doesn’t feel good to both of you. If you just met for the first time two hours ago and now find yourselves in bed together, a “warning” in the form of dirty talk or moaning that you’re about to blow is sufficient to give them time to react accordingly without completely ruining the mood (and therefore the woman’s emotional memory of the entire event).


How To Make Every Swallow An Enjoyable Experience

First, make sex be your “play zone”. The time and place to completely let go and practice unconditional approval towards yourself and your partner.

Get out of your own head and empathize with the pleasure of having a happy, caring woman suck you off and love every last bit of it so much that she doesn’t let a drop escape. Think of sex as an extension of the golden rule, behave towards others how you want to be treated. Be the change you want to see in the world!

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Anna Cherry – Independent pornstar and camgirl, freelance writer, cosplayer, and avid gamer. is set to come out of Beta in the next month. Upcoming launch my own production studio and adult agency Erinyes Entertainment.

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Anna Cherry

Anna Cherry, has been in the adult business with partner Richard Rall for over ten years. Heading their own cosplay erotica studio, as well as a STEM podcast, it was easy for the two nerds to branch out into sexual gameplay and stream it as entertainment for thousands of people. When not building a fantasy D&D world together, they show the real side on nightly "reality porn" Streamate cam shows. Catch them gaming and discussing everything from esotericists to health & fitness on their brand ambassador Plexstorm streams, and who knows what cosplay they are building next.


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