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What’s the one thing Cosplayer Megz Lee hopes to change about the Cosplay industry?


What’s the one thing Cosplayer Megz Lee hopes to change about the Cosplay industry?

Who is Megz Lee?

Hello everyone! My name is Megz Lee and I’m currently based in Florida, the home of the constant sauna. Cosplay is my one of my favorite creative outlets to partake in, especially when it allows you to meet such great new friends! I love fashion, music, and food!


When did you start to cosplay and how the interest come about?

I want to say about 2 years ago? The end of 2013 is when I started going to conventions and constructing costumes. I’ve always played a lot of video games and watched a lot of different TV shows while growing up; I would see my favorite character and just love them so much that I just had to do everything I could to be them! It’s definitely helped shape up my craftsmanship!

What’s your process like when you decide to cosplay a character until its completion?

Usually when I decide to cosplay a character, it hits me like a train. The first moment I would see them on screen or hear them talk I instantly think, “That’s it, that’s the one.” Then, I surround myself with (too many) pictures of whatever character until it motivates me to go out and buy a wig/fabric for the costume. A lot of times, I just sweatshop and continuously work on sewing and details for it for an average of 10 hours straight in one day until it’s done!

Has there been any wardrobe malfunction that happened to you or you have witness before?

Plenty of times! In fact, it’s not a rare occasion at all. Sometimes as I would put garments on, I would realize something is not taken in enough and is way too big or even too small. There can be times when seams would rip as well as me being so tired that I would sew the garment inside out–which means me having to rip it apart and sew it all over again. There are even times when my costume can be held together with safety pins!

What misconceptions do people have about cosplayers?

I can’t think of anything really negative in my perspective, but from experience I think that people [who don’t cosplay] may find cosplay[ers] weird. I mean, people walk by and suddenly see a girl in a big white wedding dress with angel wings the size of a car and a long pink wig?! That’s not something you see everyday! But of course to regular cosplayers, the hobby is essentially a norm. Now that I think about it, you never truly know whether a boy or a girl is in a certain cosplay, so I guess that can be a misconception when people assume! It’s funny how something can be viewed so differently by two ends of the spectrum! In the end, we’re all just nerds who like to dress up!


Do you have other hobbies?  

Yes I do! Besides cosplay, I am artist. I draw commissions and sketch quite a bit. I also play various instruments – violin, guitar, bass, piano – and compose music as well. I think it’s good to have multiple stress relieving hobbies, especially when they can create something beautiful.

What characters are you looking to cosplay next?

A lot of times, characters I look to cosplay are shown in the newest series. Although now, I am thinking of making some cosplays from the classics such as Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist and Aerith Gainsborough to celebrate the remake of Final Fantasy 7! One of my firsts cosplays was Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy 13, so I’m always working on multiple outfits for her as well. Funny thing is, I’m progressively cosplaying more and more boys!

One thing you wish you could change about the cosplay industry?  

I would definitely add more local and free cosplay events in many cities! I’ve had one too many friends tell me that although they really want to go to an event, they can’t because the admission fee costs too much. Conventions can be ridiculously expensive and I would like everybody to meet with other cosplayers and make new friends with similar interests! Cosplay is about having fun and I think it’d be great if we can uphold that moral!


It’s a pleasure to feature you Megz. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Thank you! To me, sexy is being kind, strong-willed and confident. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or female since this applies both ways. You don’t need incredibly jaw-dropping looks or out of this world curves/abs; you just have to be the best that you can be and that’s enough!

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