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What makes YouTuber Minyo unique from the rest?


What makes YouTuber Minyo unique from the rest?

Hi! I am Vanya Qinthara but people knows me by the name minyo! I am a beauty vlogger/creator/youtuber from Indonesia, and I am also a Founder of Indonesian Beauty Vlogger Community (check on : I love to create anything related to beauty, be it videos, being a makeup artist, making reviews, managing beauty community, etc. so these days I am being excitingly busy with the world of beauty!

Where did the inspiration to make YouTube videos come from?

I took the inspiration to start from many of beauty vloggers from the US, UK, and Australia since I have been their subscribers for years! And then I started my own channel until finally I could found my own style of creating a video.


How much time goes into the entire process of making a video?

It all depends on how intricate I want the videos to be. Sometimes if it is a simple video, it could only take 3 hours from writing down concepts to uploading, or if it is a very complicated video, it could take up to two weeks from writing down concepts to the publish date.

YouTubers are gaining in popularity and there are a lot of people trying their hand in making videos. What makes your videos unique and stand out differently from the rest?

What makes my videos unique is that each and everytime I upload a new video, the quality of the video is always better than the previous. I also have my own style of how to greet and say goodbye to the viewers. The other thing is then on how consistent I am uploading the videos. I have a fixed schedule of uploading, twice every week so that my subscribers can easily find my latest video during that day. Last but not least, I always try to interact with my viewers to give them at least 5 minutes of happiness twice a week (hehe).

What is the latest trend in beauty products and makeup currently?

The latest trend for makeup look in Asia is the Korean look with their puppy eyes, healthy skin and also ombre lips. It is very huge because of how easy the look is and also the look itself is suitable for day and night. As for the beauty products, I must say, eyebrow products! Having good brows for every girl is like the most important thing right now. It is almost like how important it is to own a little black dress, you girls MUST have at least one of it. So, by saying that, all of the beauty brands come out with many innovative, and awesome eyebrow products!

Which are your favourite products you can’t live without?

I must say, liquid eyeliner and my fave lip stick which is MAC MATTE MAUVE! The eyeliner helps my droopy eye have an “illusional” lift, while the lippie I could use for my lip and also as a blush! Both of them are always having a special place in my purse.


How is your skin care regime like to looking so fabulous?

Oh! All of my friends always ask me this as they think my skin is so flawless and nice! I wasn’t even sure whats special from my skin care because I only use moisturizer religiously, and drink nothing else but pure water. (I never like the taste of coke, juice, syrup etc), and use only home made masks that I DIY myself. so maybe that is why I do have a nice looking skin. But, these days I try to incorporate more products such as serum, essence, day cream and night cream , and also eye cream to prevent early aging.

What tips can you give to someone who is planning a night out and going for the sexy and classy look?

Have fun, go crazy with your look! A night out should be a night for you to release your stress! So DON’T stress on how you look too much. Pamper yourself, even on your makeup session, take it as a time of zen. If you have relaxed yourself, then you could decide a super classy and sexy look for you. Be confident with it, as confident girls are the most sexy girls in the world!

If you had the chance to collaborate with anyone, who will it be?

I would love to collaborate with Zoella! She is such a nice person, the way she laughs is so pure that her happiness reflects to her videos!


Do you have any other hobbies?

I do love to draw and paint since I was little! It is always my gateaway from my busy schedule. I love how relaxing it makes me feel and also becomes an outlet for my creativity.

What’s your definition of sexy?

My definition of sexy is NOT by using a tight fit or minimal clothings. My definition of sexy is to be confident with yourself, be happy, be cheerful, and speak out! People could feel the vibe you bring in, make them feel happy and spread your sexy vibe! 😉

I do have huge list of upcoming videos from beauty, fashion, life, and DIY! Just never forget to follow me on the above social media! I update them everyday!

Follow the fashionable and beautiful Minyo on:
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Indobeautyvlogger Community: and @indobeautygram

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