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Blogger Jasmine Ang is looking for singers to form a group!


Blogger Jasmine Ang is looking for singers to form a group!

Who is the lovely Jasmine Ang?

Hello! Thanks for having me. I am Jasmine Ang from Singapore. I am also commonly known as Jalyang. I am in love with Music and Writing. A lifestyle blogger, freelance singer and finalist of the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015. Besides social media, I am a Human Resource professional.


What do you find most challenging being a blogger?

The most challenging is the writing skills and number of followers as this will affect the number of readers who will appreciate your stories.

Which are some common misconceptions you hear about bloggers?

Bloggers get free stuff all the time

Typically it seems to be free but to clear things up, when we receive products for review, this should not be considered free. We have a moral and legal obligation when it comes to sponsored gifts, so receiving gifts is actually a hassle. We work hard because we are morally obligated to our readers and we have to make sure we don’t offend anyone.

Bloggers make a lot of easy money.

We don’t make money easy, it’s just similar as being a sales or insurance person. With only hard work you will earn more, otherwise you earn less.

As soon as you start blogging, readers will come out of nowhere

Readers don’t come easy for us. As a reader, what do you usually look for? That will be the answer.


What made you decide to join the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant?

Pageants have their age limit. Somehow it hit me to join the pageant since I am 23 already. Apart from that, to gain experience and network with new people.

How was the experience like for you at MSBP?

Both good and bad. I shall not share the bad experiences. What I have gained is that being in a pageant is not easy. However I get to learn many things such as how to present yourself while meeting clients. I get to meet real friends in the pageant. Time management is also a component. It is definitely a good one, you will only get to experience that here and not elsewhere.


Do you have a travel bucket list?

Yes I do.

If you had the choice for any superpower, what will it be and why?

Time Manipulation – with the power of time manipulation, good times would last longer with this convenient superpower. Time will be more than enough.


Are you more of a party girl or stay home girl.

Back then in my 18 to 21 years, I was a party girl. It’s never a business where I get to enjoy every day without troubling. After turning 21, I am a stay home girl where I spend more time resting at home and spending time with my family.

What guilty indulgences do you have for food?

Fast food.


Funniest thing you’ve done or experienced?

Making a joke out of myself in front of my parents, to make them smile.

What’s sexy to you?

Sexy is self-confident. Being real, to have a real heart. Love others wholeheartedly. Enjoy the things you do.


I have a desire to form a group for gig. If you can sing and play any instrumental, you are the one. I also need videography and photography parts as well.

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