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HongKong model and blogger Fanny Ng


HongKong model and blogger Fanny Ng

What is Hong Kong model and blogger Fanny Ng’s idea of an ideal date? Follow this beautiful lady with her trendy fashion style on SimplySxy to know her better.

Hi Fanny, thank you for being on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers? 你可以跟我们的读者介紹一下你自己和你来自哪里?

Hello, I am Fanny Wu Jiaqi from Hong Kong. I am a local model and blogger.



Do you have any exciting projects coming up where we can see you in? 你在接下的几个月有什么令人激动的项目?

In terms of modeling, I hope to be able to take on both more print and TV ad assignments. As for my blog, I have plans to film a series of beauty related videos.


You look amazing in all your photos! What’s your beauty regime like to looking so good? 你所有的照片都真棒!可以跟我们分享你的美容密绝?

I do like shots that are more vibrant, especially those that are taken with the sunny sky in the backdrop. Of course, a proper makeup is most vital and the same goes for a slight adjustment of hues and color post photoshoot. These make the perfect picture.



What’s the naughtiest thing you have done so far? 你做过最调皮的事情?

Too much for me to remember! Haha


One thing you absolutely can’t do without in your bag when you go out? 一件你的包包里的必须用品?

My daily essentials include a lipstick in an energetic looking shade. The colour of my lips are really important to my overall look and I will never fail to have a stick in every day (lest emergency calls).



Your favourite colour? 你最喜欢的颜色?

That will be yellow: a colour that alludes happiness.


If you could be one superhero or movie character, who will you be? 如果你可以成为一个超级英雄或电影里的人物,你将会是谁?

Captain America! His patriotism to his country really ups his masculine level! Haha!



How will you describe an ideal date? 描述你的理想的约会.

The ideal date will comprise of a never-ending list of topics and laughter. The actual date location and plan for the day will not really matter as we will be totally comfortable with each other.


It’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy Fanny! Before we end, tell us what is ‘sexy’ to you? 很高兴有这个机会采访你. 在我们结束这个采访前, 告诉我们’性感’对你个人的含义是什么吗?

It is not defined by how little one puts on, but more of a sense of feeling. I personally feel that women who are healthy are exceptionally sexy.


Follow the beautiful Fanny Ng on:

Instagram: @fannynkk

Images courtesy of Fanny Ng

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