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Masturbation tips for Women

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Masturbation tips for Women

Aaliyah Suarez shares her views on masturbation, what makes her horny and in the mood, and masturbation techniques to reach that mind-blowing orgasm.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

I am Aaliyah, a 23 year old panty seller from the UK. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been selling my worn panties, socks, thongs and custom nude pics online – something I have been wanting to do this for a long time and am so happy that I finally started. For me, it’s all about making the service as personal as possible, so I socialize with my customers a lot through email and twitter, and have made some great friends in the process. When I’m not selling panties I love to take photos, bake cakes and go out dancing! One day I would like to become a model and design my own range of lingerie.


What are your personal views towards masturbation?

I find it strange that in today’s society we openly talk and accept male masturbation as something of the norm, but female masturbation is rarely discussed and is still seen as taboo by many people. I think that masturbation in women is just as important as it is in men – it’s one of the best ways to find out what really turns you on and how to get to know your own body. There’s something so alluring about finding a way to unlock your most inner ecstasy, and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of wanting to find it. Over the past few years I have bought dozens of new sex toys and books so I can try out new things in bed but with someone I am truly comfortable with – myself!

I masturbate whenever I feel the need, I have a couple of weeks each month where my sex drive is incredibly high so it’ll be every day since no one can keep up with me! The rest of the time I do it less frequently, often in the morning to perk me up a little for the rest of the day and put a smile on my face.


What gets you in the mood?

Usually whenever I start to get bored!! When my mind wanders, it seems to get dirtier and dirtier the more I think, and trying to repress it can make it worse. Also, after a glass of wine when my partner is at work and I’m home alone and just can’t wait long enough for him to get back. When I’m doing nude/porn photos I like to be in this feisty, raw horny state of mind so that you can really see it in the images, I think that’s a turn on for others in itself. I prefer to read erotic fiction than watching porn, I have a great imagination and can picture myself in the story, or if I do look at porn I prefer photos to videos. The same again, with pics it’s your imagination that makes the fantasy, nothing has been decided for you, you can make it your own setting and own story.


Do you always reach an orgasm each time you masturbate?

No, not always, but that’s because sometimes I don’t want to! I love bringing myself ridiculously close to orgasm, but then stopping and going about my day as normal. All of that time I’ll feel a small flutter inside myself, knowing that the tiniest little thing could send me into overdrive but even better, I like to wait until I can have a private moment to myself later on. Feeling so sexually wired after the whole day of wanting, when I come I have to make sure I’ve got something to bite on to hide my screams! There’s just something about being teased that drives me insane with lust and passion.

Aaliyah Suarez

Please share with us some masturbation techniques with our female readers?

I have a secret sexy box under my bed full of toys, if I can’t sleep or need some alone time then I’ll go through it when no one’s around; even the best vibrators can still be pretty noisy! I really love smooth, extra small vibrators with a range of intensity you can build up if you want. Starting off gently I stroke my outer lips and between my thighs to tease myself a little, then I like to put on a bit of pressure and make downward strokes over my pubis bone and clitoris, intensifying the pressure and the vibration every few strokes. Once that has worked me up a bit, I allow myself free reign to touch my clit at different angles, pulling back the hood and softly massaging it. This makes me go weak at the knees and become so moist; I really want deep pressure inside of me to fill me up so to speak. So when I feel on the very edge, I slowly slip a long smooth vibrator into my pussy for double stimulation.

Use a butt plug, preferably a vibrating one, after you insert the vibrator causes a feeling of fullness that I love and a feeling of being deeply stimulated on the inside as well as out. After inserting a butt plug, you still have both hands free to stimulate your pussy and clit, either one by one of at the same time to have triple stimulation.

Another thing you can do to make masturbation even more pleasurable, is to wear nothing but satin panties (or if you’re really in the mood, don’t wear anything!) and lie on smooth satin sheets for a silky sensation all over your body, stiffening you nipples and caressing all your curves whenever you move. It’s an amazing feeling when you’re turned on and so sensitive to touch, stimulated by the sensation against your skin, I’d highly recommend it.

I like masturbating in this way because it builds up sexual tension slowly, yet is still very intense at all stages. The feeling of wanting something inside of you and the teasing make orgasms explosive when you finally let them go, it’s about keeping it in as long as you can. It’s great because if you’re in a relationship, you can also do it while your partner is out and you’re waiting for them to come home. Pleasuring yourself to the brink of orgasm then leaving yourself begging for more – a real sexy surprise when they get back in! It’s awesome if you’re single too, a simple way to achieve earth shattering orgasms by yourself, feels almost empowering!

Featured image courtesy of Aaliyah Suarez
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Aaliyah Suarez

Hi, my name is Aaliyah Suarez, 1’m a 23 years old and live in the UK. I sell my used panties, socks and tights online, on my web page and on my twitter @pantiprincess. I became a panty seller because I love shopping for lingerie, talking to people and getting naked in front of the camera! I also sell custom photos, from tasteful black and whites to extra naughty XXX shots, I love to try out new things and push boundaries so anything goes. When I’m not selling panties, I work part time as a teaching assistant in an art class and enjoy making my own jewelry at home.


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