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Lulu Joys looks amazing in lingerie


Lulu Joys looks amazing in lingerie

If you have it, flaunt it. With a figure to die for and her love for lingerie, it’s only natural for Lulu Joys to look stunning in all her lingerie shots from every angle. A top 20 contestant from FHM Singapore 2014 and always keen to try out new things, get to know her better as we ask her a few questions. Oh and she does have a cute butt too!

SimplySxy:  Hi Lulu, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Lulu: Hi! Thanks for having me here 😀 Haha. People always think I am from China because of my name, Lulu – which, is a stage name. I am actually from Singapore, born and raised here. I am 22years old, Asian and I can speak 4 different languages. I do freelance modelling for a living and I intend to venture into online business in the near future. I love travelling, cooking and trying new things – (like, eating live octopus in Korea 😡 !!)



SimplySxy:  How did you go into modelling?

Lulu: I just got lucky I guess! I took some photos with a local photographer as a test-shoot subject. The photos got all over social media and photographers started contacting me for jobs/shoots.  And along the way I met more people from the same industry whom have helped me out and taught me a lot. I joined Singapore’s FHM 2014 search too and made it into the top 20.


SimplySxy: Can you tell us 3 fun facts about yourself?


1. I own more lingerie than t-shirts & dresses. I simply cannot resist pretty lingerie.
2. I type messages on my phone with my index finger.
3. I love Sushi!!! I once ate sushi every day for a week ! :O


SimplySxy:  Which is one thing that is a must-do for you everyday?

Lulu: Spend time with my dog(IG: babyboy.thedog)! No matter how busy the day is or how tired I am, spending time with my dog is a must <3 <3


SimplySxy:  Is there an interesting story behind one of your tattoos and are there plans to get anymore?

Lulu: Oh this is going to sound so stupid. Nope. There are no interesting stories behind my tattoos. I was 15 when I got them. Peer pressure and being rebellious I suppose ? :/ Haha. Maybe just 1 more tattoo. I have been wanting to get a small couple tattoo – maybe when I find my Mr Right.


SimplySxy:  What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done and not regret?

Lulu: I (& a date) went skinny dipping late in the night after a party at one of the local beaches. There were after-party people along the beach and we nearly got caught. But yolo! No regrets! *.*


SimplySxy:  Do you feel sexier in a lingerie or bikini?

Lulu: Definitely lingerie. I just love the feel of lace, satin and leather against my skin.


SimplySxy:  Which is your favourite body part?

Lulu: My butt. And my fingers. Lol.



SimplySxy: It’s been a real pleasure Lulu, One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Lulu: Confidence. A woman with confidence, knows what she wants and feels secure about herself, that’s sexy.  But of course, 34C” 25” 34” body stats is sexy too. Hehe.

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Instagram: @pleaselovelulu


Featured image courtesy of Lulu Joys

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