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Corporal Punishment Part I | Are You Ready For Pain?


Corporal Punishment Part I | Are You Ready For Pain?

“What is corporal punishment?

In short, it’s a physical punishment typically involving spanking by hand or with various implements including caning and whipping.

But what is it really all about? Want to know more? Then carry on reading!

CP (corporal punishment) and BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) is quite a talking point in the media at the moment what with books such as 50 Shades of Grey. And even more recently, the new laws that have taken effect in the UK regarding the production of BDSM pornography. Although it is a very popular part of many people’s private lives as well as careers too for some – it’s still quite a taboo subject which may cause a few eyebrows to raise, although Christian Grey has helped in opening the doors of interest much wider recently. It is still in my opinion, very much misunderstood by people!

BDSM is slightly different to CP, although there can be an element of BDSM to CP and vice versa— it all depends on the reasoning and mindset of the person involved. But to me and many others, CP is very traditional, very old school if you like and very domesticated rather than dungeon orientated; the stereotypical point of view assumes it’s all the same in the instances of leather, whips, chains, bondage, kinky sex and dungeons. You couldn’t be further from the truth once you scratch beneath that surface and start to explore this world and all it has to offer. This article is going to focus on traditional CP.

Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 35 year old experienced, professional English mistress/disciplinarian and fetish model. I’ve been working in the fetish industry for the past 15 years and working as a professional mistress for the last 6. It’s an area of life I find fascinating and interesting for many reasons! More on the psychology behind it all rather than the physical side and it certainly beats regular 9-5 hours (no pun intended haha). I have written the following article based on my own opinions and experiences to date. I’m always learning and developing my expertise and knowledge in this field.

My first experiences of CP was as a young child! I grew up in South Africa and went to a private Catholic school and CP was never far away for anyone who misbehaved! I was always very well-behaved as having seen others being disciplined was quite a terrifying experience and not something I wished to receive, but witnessing pupils being disciplined was quite a regular occurrence — the school was very strict and particular when it came to manners, respect and having good morals. It was also full of life and fun and had very clear defined boundaries and pretty simple: cross the boundaries you’ll be punished and they’d come down very hard on you. I think my experiences from an early age have gone some way to shaping my mistress persona.

After returning to England in the early 90’s, it was quite some years later that I stumbled across CP whilst working as a full time model in my 20’s. There’s a lot more to CP than merrily whacking someone’s bottom—it’s much deeper than that! There’s a huge psychological aspect to it too as well as safe techniques, trust, respect and of course, any punishments being consensual! Not all punishments are physical for they can be verbal scolding or even tasks such as writing lines, exclusion or a mixture of the above. For some, CP along with BDSM is used to spice things up in the bedroom. My experiences as a professional mistress differ slightly to what you might find within a personal relationship!

Read on to find out Miss Dawn Superior’s favourite type of Corporal Punishments in Part 2 here

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Miss Dawn Superior is a well respected, professional UK Disciplinarian/Dominatrix/Mistress/Goddess specialising in Domestic Discipline Punishments. She specialises in domestic discipline & punishments; real or roleplay, Corporal Punishments, spanking, domination, ballbusting, humiliation, sissy training, financial domination, consensual blackmail & generally putting naughty boys in their place to name but a small few of her many talents and preferences.


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