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Toy Maker: Fleshlight


Toy Maker: Fleshlight

So, what is a Fleshlight?

Jenna Haze (Forbidden)

For the guy who indulges in male masturbation tools to simulate the feeling of being inside a woman’s vagina, the Fleshlight has been around for ages. But for the average guy on the street who fancies his hand more than anything else, you’d probably be thinking it lights up a dark room. Well, you’re almost right, the exterior casing resembles that of, you guessed it, an actual flashlight with a cap at the end that allows you to vary the amount of pressure you feel while being inside.

Made of medical and food grade, phthalate-free polymers, the Fleshlight’s insert is soft to touch and feels almost like real skin. Couple the experience with enough lube and it’s probably the closest feeling you’d get to being inside a woman. With multiple designs and textures within the “tunnel”, you’re always spoilt for choice and when you get bored, a simple switch of the insert is all you need. Did I mention that the Fleshlight is also super simple to clean and maintain?

Designed and marketed by Interactive Life Forms, Fleshlight has been around since 1998. Steve Shubin, the genius behind the Fleshlight was awarded the patent for a “device for discreet sperm collection”.  Since then, Fleshlight has sold more than 6 million pieces worldwide and has expanded their product range to include a whole variety of pleasure products.

Taking things a step further than most other companies

, Fleshlight created a range of Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjacks which are custom-molded sleeves made from the exact molds of popular pornstars’ intimate parts. The vulva, mouth and anus exact replicas of your favourite pornstars simply for your entertainment. For those on the go, Fleshlight also comes in more discreet molds and even allows you to custom build your own model.

Fleshlight, the world’s #1 male masturbation tool, use it yourself or with your partner. It even works when she’s on her period.

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