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J.A. Wisniewska

J.A. Wisniewska

J.A. Wiśniewska is the pen name of a European writer. Her interest in erotica began about eighteen months ago after discovering the site Booksiesilk. After encountering some excellent, many average and a lot of truly awful erotic stories on this site and on Literotica, earlier this year she decided to try her hand at writing her own. After publishing three short stories on Booksiesilk, which received excellent comments, she decided to go the whole hog and write a book. Exploration is the end result.

When she is not writing and reading erotica, she works in journalism and publishing. Her other interests include cinema (in particular British and Irish independent film), music, literature and travel. She credits Golden Angel and Megalanthropus as her favourite erotica writers, and Joanne Harris, Mark Haddon, Kate Mosse and JK Rowling as her favourite authors.

She currently lives in Kraków, Poland.


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