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Would Men Watch Soccer Or Rather Play Online Bingo At Bongos?


Would Men Watch Soccer Or Rather Play Online Bingo At Bongos?

With studies showing that bingo is a female dominated method of gambling, with some reports suggesting the dominance is as large as 78% it is understandable that some might think that going to Bongos Bingo would follow the same rules – click here to play.

What should we expect from Bongos Bingo?

Bongos Bingo started in 2015 on the beautiful and vibrant streets of Liverpool and has grown drastically, now covering most areas in the UK, with an impressive 35 different venues across the country available to us! Not only are they UK based, but they are currently in the process of announcing their biggest event yet… An Event that might be worth taking a partying holiday with the gang! Where is this event? Dubai! This city of sky scrapers and endless beautiful lights is going to host an amazing bongos bingo event, if this sounds like an interesting event, keep an eye on their page to keep up to date.

So, what exactly is Bongos Bingo? It is an event driven hard core session of bingo, designed to bring bingo to young parties. Sponsored by Southern Comforts, this event is a literal rave! Dancing, DJ’s, Club Lights flashing, plenty of booze and most importantly some great bingo to keep us level headed whilst we party!

Not only do they run amazing club events, they are also streaming events which has given them even great popularity and accessibility for us all, even if we are not based in the UK we now have the opportunity to get into this new growing community of partying bingo lovers!

Yet To Try Online Bingo?

Online bingo is a great way of getting access to our favourite game without having to leave the house at all! There are hundreds of providers online, the old household names that we know and more, all with deals that are being offered to incentivise joining their bingo house.

Sound good? It really is! Surely some of us have gotten tired of rushing to make sure we have checked all of our tickets to make sure we aren’t missing out on numbers that have been called. Well with online bingo that is no longer a worry, there are now auto daub settings allowing us to step back and enjoy the game itself without the panicked rush. That being said, we are able to also do it manually, so we get the best of both worlds!

Answering the Big Question

So let us get to the big question. Are Men more likely to sit themselves down to watch some soccer or are they going to join the party and get involved with Bongos Bingo session? Well as we discussed, standard bingo has a population of 28% that are men. That isn’t considering the amazing fun and partying sessions that Bongo Bingo has brought to the bingo world. More and more people are getting involved, both men and women. We can easily expect that the party has pulled in more men. Get signed up and find out!

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