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Influencer & Vlogger Zerah Ruth


Influencer & Vlogger Zerah Ruth

First of all, I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity! I am a Social Media Influencer and doing vlogs sometimes, currently taking up my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration focusing on Human Resource Management. During my leisure time, I do really enjoy reading books, playing mobile games and most of all, listening to Korean pop songs.    

What inspired you to create a YouTube channel and how long have you been making videos?

What inspires me to create my YouTube account is to use this opportunity and medium to share my life, my knowledge, and experiences. To motivate other viewers as it motivates me myself, I have been doing vlogs for about three years now.

How do you choose what content to create and how long does a typical video take to make?

For the content, I do not usually choose, as long as I know it’s fun to watch, sharing tips or ideas and I’m enjoying the BTS then it’s fine. With regards to the duration of each video, I make sure that I stay enjoyable and not to bore the viewers cause the video is taking too long to watch.

What beauty accessories are a must have in your collection?

For me, I will go with bag and shoes! I make sure that my bag will suit the style, but for overall I do not mind as long as it has the same color, style or neutral to both.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a party animal are you?

5, I don’t usually go to parties unless it’s a family gathering, or it is school related.

Would you rather have the ability to fly or talk to animals?

I would rather talk to animals. I am very passionate about them, and they are so intelligent if we will only provide them the chance to! Even if they do not use intelligence, their instincts will let you know how they feel and their emotions, so I would choose the ability to talk to animals. It will be very helpful as in times that they are feeling unwell, I would be there to speak up and help.

Do you believe in any superstition?

As a Filipino, we all know that we have tons of superstition beliefs! And it wouldn’t hurt if we follow or believe in them – especially if it became part of our culture and we respect those beliefs when it came from elders, so yes, I do believe in them.

What turns you off on a date?

Definitely it’s a NO for me when someone is being too disrespectful and insensitive, bullies the weak and has no respect for elders. Also a NO for me with those guys that are too conceited and arrogant.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Zerah. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Being sexy is being confident, it does not define your physique and curves in your body. Everyone is sexy no matter size, the shape nor the color as long as you have that confidence, you are considered sexy, inside and out!

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