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How I Got Started Into Camming

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How I Got Started Into Camming

Sex is really important to me, these days. In my previous relationship, there would be months and even years without sex.  Now that I am single,  and as I get older, I’m finally confident enough to express what I want and like to my partners. My pleasure is finally a priority, and I’m trying to get as much as I can.

What Made Me Decide To Cam

For the past 10 years, I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship.  I came across a camsite, and thought camming would be a great “escape plan”.

I day dreamed about packing my bags, buying a used laptop and camming to make enough money to support myself. It was the only job I could think of that would allow me the kind of money I would need to escape.

What I Had To Prepare

I researched camming for about two years. I checked out all the cam sites. Made note of what I liked, and didn’t like. Saw what worked, and what didn’t. I researched which sites seemed to be the best. I watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, read articles, and looked up what items I would need to get started.

I read and watched anything and everything to do with camming. Tech needs, expected pay, tax info, lighting, names, potential scams, do’s and don’ts, everything! And I thought long and hard about what my name and persona would be.

One Challenge I Faced

I’ve never been very tech savvy, so getting a nice looking bio up was a challenge for me. 

My Specialty & Favorite Content

I would say my “specialty” is my personality to be honest. My fans always say that I’m very friendly, genuine, and with a great smile.  And also that I have amazing tits, and a juicy bum haha!

Since I starting camming, it became a goal to be able to squirt, and squirt big! With some great tips, and lots of practice, I’ve become a pretty great squirter.

Upcoming Content Fans Can Look Forward To

More content on my PornHub! I met a really great guy that was keen to make content. He’s very business minded, kind and respectful. We’ve been meeting once a week to film for about three months now.  It’s great to see our channel grow, and gain more views and followers.

Greta Grindhouse – A sensuous sex kitten, with deadly bazooms. A classic beauty with never ending creamy curves, a gorgeous smile and fiery red hair.

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Greta Grindhouse

A sensuous sex kittens, with deadly bazooms. A classic beauty with never ending creamy curves, a gorgeous smile and fiery red hair.


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