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What It Takes To Be A Cosplayer


What It Takes To Be A Cosplayer

For me cosplay is for fun, it’s about expressing the things you love. Making your favorite characters into real life, you can meet a ton of amazing people who like the same things and grow into a friendship, and learn so many new things (make up, making costume, acting, etc).

In my opinion, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cosplay. It’s a fun hobby and a way to express yourself, so don’t be shy or afraid with other people judgement.

There are lots of great reasons to cosplay, and while I have several I can point to, the real driving force for me has been self-confidence. I spent many years of my youth feeling awkward, ugly and unwanted. Cosplay has helped turn that around. It’s helped me be more comfortable not only with my outward appearance, but to be more confident emotionally.

How I Got Started Into Cosplay

I love watching anime, reading manga and playing games since I was a child. And I’ve dreamt of what if my favorite characters appeared to me in real life. But in the past, I didn’t have any friends who had the same hobbies with me.

I’m an introvert person, and I’m too shy to express my love towards the things I like. When I grew up, I finally was brave to express the things I liked and decided to go to anime conventions (and in that time I still had no friends to go to anime convention with me).

This was the first time I saw cosplayers and was fascinated. They were so cool, they looked happy to become the character they liked and I wanted to be like that too. I wanted to make my favorite characters come into real life too, I wanted to have friends to share what I liked without feeling like a weird person, and I wanted to have confidence too.

So, I started cosplaying in 2017. I cosplayed as Suzumiya Haruhi and went to anime convention alone. I looked like a lost kid in that place LOL.

But I’m very grateful and never have a single regret. That time many people wanted to take photos with me, and after that they were so happy. I’m happy because I’m doing the things I like and I can make other people happy too. What a blessing. I want to cosplay until I’m old.

Overcoming Challenges As A Cosplayer To Be Successful

Sometimes there are people who assume that cosplaying is stupid, silly, and childlike. They say it’s a waste of time and money, weird, etc. And there will be people who judge you that “your cosplay is so ugly because you are ugly”, bodyshamming, etc. So, in other words, many people will be judges and critic you a lot.

But as you know, don’t ever hear what they say, as many people will support you too. Hear their suggestions that make your cosplay improve and don’t hear what makes you down.

I’m doing what makes me happy and I can learn so many things from that. I always remember that I can’t make EVERYONE happy, there always will be people who dislike cosplay or hate me for no reason. So, don’t think about it too much, do what you like and keep moving forward.

I have a full-time job and it’s taking up the majority of my time. It can be hard to come home from a long day at work and have the energy or focus to styling wigs, making costumes, and doing other things. Actually you can buy costumes too but sometimes, costumes don’t quite fit right just out of the box and you need to fix it. But, I enjoy what I do. Cosplay is my work too, I have been invited as a guest star, influencer and performer in many conventions also invited me as judge in cosplay competitions. So I try to balance my full time job and my part time job as a cosplayer with better time management.

What Is The Cosplay Community Like?

The cosplay community is fun, it’s a place where you can share your favorite anime, game, manga, or cosplay tips. It is a way to find new friends who have the same interests with you.

But like any other community, you also find many different people in there. You can’t force them to instantly like you, once again, there are people who will dislike you no matter what you are doing. But don’t worry, there are a bunch of kind people too.

So, just enjoy the community, enjoy the cosplay, and have fun.

4 Things People Should Know More About Cosplay

Cosplay is never consent. Always ask first to hug or pose with someone, and never touch them without their permission. Every cosplayer puts time and effort into their work. Never pick up or handle their props without their permission

Always ask permission before taking photos or videos of other cosplayers. Most might not mind it, but everyone wants to know first if they’re on camera.

If you’re cosplaying, remember that you’re representing a character loved and looked up to by fans. Keep it classy, and don’t do or say anything that might tarnish their image of that character.

And I wish everyone can freely cosplay without worry about society judgement. I wish people don’t think of cosplay as weird, silly, childish, etc.

Vanilla Vania, cosplayer from Indonesia since 2017 and have won many cosplay competitions, have been invited to many anime and game convention as Guest Star, Judge, Performer and influencer.

I love anime, game, manga and dancing.

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Vanilla Vania

Vanilla Vania, cosplayer from Indonesia since 2017 and have won many cosplay competitions, have been invited to many anime and game convention as Guest Star, Judge, Performer and influencer. I love anime, game, manga and dancing.


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