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Sharing My Sex Work Experiences

Sex Ed

Sharing My Sex Work Experiences

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been intrigued by sex work. It started when I found some erotic magazines of my dad, followed by seeing strippers or escorts in movies. After that, watching my first porno. But what really intrigued me was when I first met my first professional escort. I had to know more! I was raised with a really open mom, she explained sex to me a little earlier than most (was living with my single dad at the time so it seemed fit).

I feel that I always been curious about sexuality, so when I first met that girl I already had quite a lot of experience and it seemed like a good way to help me through schools, little that I know, I am still doing it even if I am done with school. Sex work is a place where I can be my real self sexually. Only thing I really hate about this job is all the stigma and normality of girls getting in bad situation as if they deserve it. We are all humans and most of the ladies I know in the industry are good person.

Remembering My First Client Experience

I remember like it was yesterday, I feel it’s something you never forget. At the time, I was lucky enough to work with an agency that cared about us. She made sure my first client was a good client, he ended up being a regular of mine afterwards until I moved out of Quebec City. For the purpose of this interview, let’s call him Mike.

I was so nervous to see him since I didn’t know what to expect at all. I met him in a motel around 9pm. When Mike opened the door I could see he was about 30-35 , and he looked a little bit nervous. With time I found out he was not really nervous but it’s just how he is. Talks extremely fast and seems anxious all the time. We talked a little bit at the beginning and then proceeded to the main action. I can still taste the mix of mouthwash and cigarette in his mouth. All I can say is he respected all my boundaries and didn’t push me around to do anything.

How My Experiences Have Generally Been

In general, most of my experiences were positive with the agency and since I started to be independent. I had a couple of bad ones here and there while I was learning the ropes of the industry but most of it was good. Only really bad experience would be that I got robbed on my first tour in Vancouver. At the time I didn’t know about references, screening process or asking for a deposit. I was lucky enough to not have too much money with me and that he didn’t hurt me too much.

What Constitutes A Good Experience To Me

I feel that what I would consider a good experience is when there is chemistry with both of you and the person understand and respect all your boundaries. As much as I do enjoy a dinner date or travel, this doesn’t mean it will be a good experience… some of my best times were seeing someone for about two hours since it leaves us time to get to know each other a little bit more and make the “stress” go away.

I won’t lie about the fact that I do enjoy being treated like the goddess that I am, so a good diner with good drinks never hurts… A little gift here and there as well.

Have You Had Any Unfortunate Experiences?

As mentioned earlier, I did get robbed once. Also I did encounter some drunk and hard drug users when I tried working late nights. I had a guy also when I first started with the agency I was with that tried to take the condom off while I wasn’t facing him, luckily I caught him in time. He was banned afterwards from the agency.

Now that I know more about all the screening process, I haven’t had any bad experience. It is not a 100% sure deal while screening but prevents a lot of bad encounter. Asking for a deposit as well helps weed out the robbers and time wasters.

Advice For New Sex Workers

Don’t stress yourself out, at the beginning we all make mistakes and probably don’t know exactly what we are doing. But I really believe screening really helps. Also, don’t be shy to ask others for tips when you begin. I know some other SW aren’t too keen about giving help on how to or give tips but a lot are really helpful when they know you are beginning.

I personally encourage you to contact me on Twitter if ever you have any questions. Last thing, don’t follow the exact same steps as someone else, we all have a different style and approach, find out what works for you the best.

Bonnie – 25 year old French courtesan based out Edmonton, Canada. Tour sometimes and open To FMTY. Started in the industry at 19 with some pauses in between until today.

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25 years old French courtesan based out Edmonton, Canada. Tour sometimes and open To FMTY. Started in the industry at 19 with some pauses in between until today


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