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Why Every Business Man Should Engage A Luxury Companion (Part 2)

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Why Every Business Man Should Engage A Luxury Companion (Part 2)

When I started my journey as Karina Valentina, I did a lot of research on how other ladies handle their business. I realized that having a professional website with all the necessary information is very important. I did put a lot of time and effort into it to make sure that gentleman has the answer to all his questions on there. I always make an emphasis on the importance of reading my website first to see if we are a good match. It takes only a few minutes to read the basics and then if it sparked your interest, then definitely it’s great to explore all the pages.

At times, it does surprise me that regardless of my recommendation, men would still ask questions that are obviously mentioned on the website. Gentleman, please, please, if you contact any lady to make her acquaintance, make sure you read the information provided prior. It is such a simple thing, but makes every provider happy and obviously more willing to meet you. All ladies have different rates, minimal amount of hours, requirements in terms of screening, different styles, looks, and personalities. Once you do your research and find a companion you would like to meet – be a gentleman, respect her rules and restrictions for booking, pay the proper rate – and trust me, you will have the time of your life.

Let me go through some basic etiquette that you probably know, but it never hurts to remind. Ladies have different preferred types of communication. For me the best is feeling in the contact form on the website, sending email /text containing all the information that is required in the contact form. It makes things so much easier for both parties. Also, hopefully there is no need say this, but “hi”, “hey” etc is definitely not a great way to start the conversation. It is a huge turn on to talk to a respectful and polite gentlemen! I am a woman who will make sure that you will be treated like in kind so please treat me like a lady back. Offensive language, explicit talks and lewd conduct is an absolute “no” when you are contacting and spending time with me as well as with any other companion.

How To Ensure Our Time Together Is Wonderful

I always thrive to provide the best experience possible. During initial communication, it is important for me to figure out what kind of gentleman I am meeting (to read between the lines of his email if I can say so). As there are many different personalities and different approaches may be needed. Moreover, regardless of the gentleman’s character, compatibility is paramount for me. Nothing can be better than meeting someone who is on the same wavelength and vibe with me as then, the pleasure of a rendezvous is multiplied by many times for both.

When I started, I was really upset when a gentleman didn’t find me attractive physically or personality wise. Now, I don’t want to be everyone’s cup of tea, but rather, for selective ones to ensure the best experience possible.

Besides that, as every lady, I desire to be treated with respect and proper manners. Little things like opening a door, helping with a coat, with a chair at the restaurant are indeed important to me and I always notice it all. It makes me smile and get happier by the minute.

Being attentive is another important trait and behaviour that I value and cherish. I cannot describe how happy and grateful I am when a gentleman brings flowers, or any other type of gift that I mention on my website. Not even the fact of gift that matters, but the fact that he took his time to read it and get to know me before the actual meeting. I would say that a golden formula is to listen to each other, to speak to your souls, and to be able to experiment. I understand that it might be hard sometimes, as in many cases we are not fully aware of our sexuality, what can bring us the ultimate pleasure, what will make the moment unforgettable, but the more open we are, the better our rendezvous will be.

Frankly speaking, I do need to follow my own advice way more often. As sometimes, I still find myself too shy to tell about things that I fantasize about. Mostly it’s because I think my date is shy too (I know it might sound weird, but my style of companionship is an actual girlfriend experience, which might sometimes include a little cute awkward moment). It’s always easily solved ones, that either of us steps up and shares some little secrets. As I mentioned before, the connection does play a vital role for me and I am sure for most gentlemen as well.

So once I meet an open soul, once we share some things with each other (obviously doesn’t have to be anything that me or the gentleman don’t want to talk about, as privacy and mutual respect are at the most importance), like magic – our minds, bodies, and souls are fully combined and we can thoroughly indulge in each other. I can go on and on about it, but I hope my main idea was heard. We live once, and life is too short to live it boring, scared or closed-minded!

Karina Valentina – I am  a young woman  who can be described as an “adventure seeker, soul healer, crazy laugher”. Also simply a lady who (it’s a Russian saying, might translate weird in English) will be a queen when meeting his friends, the most hospitable hostess around the house, and the dirtiest pornstar in bed:)

My friends also call me a Happy Butterfly by the way;)

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Karina Valentina

I am a young woman who can be described as an "adventure seeker, soul healer, crazy laugher". Also, simply a lady who (it's a Russian saying, might translate weird in English) will be a queen when meeting his friends, the most hospitable hostess around the house, and the dirtiest pornstar in bed:) My friends also call me a Happy Butterfly by the way ;)


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