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How To Have A Successful GFE

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How To Have A Successful GFE

Sex as we know it, is a highly physical interaction between two or more people who share the common interest in the act of it. Although sometimes given a very vague definition by society, sex plays an important role in our lives as social beings.

I personally enjoy sex and I love to indulge in its various forms. I believe in having the freedom to express your sexual desires without inhibitions. Sometimes I wish that we speak about sex more openly. Once everyone realizes that it’s not something we should be ashamed of, I believe that we will have a wider and more extensive understanding of the need for physical human connection. This will then help us break differential barriers and the stigma that surrounds sexuality, gender identity, and even the world of sex work.

If we keep a more open mind as to how we achieve pleasure through connection, we’ll have a greater understanding of one another. It will help expand our horizons and help us understand our constant need to express affection— which if you ask me, is the most complex yet most beautiful part of our life.

Why Do Clients Want The GFE

GFE means Girlfriend Experience and just from its definition we can already see why it’s popular in the world of companionship. I can’t speak for other providers but from my knowledge of the industry, GFE is the most popular request and it’s because of the dynamics involved during the session. When a client requests for it, it’s my job to make sure that the whole experience is as comfortable and as welcoming as it can possibly be. It involves assuming the “girlfriend” role and playing the part as organically as I can. The fantasy offers the client a chance to feel the special bond that two people share in a relationship. The main key to this experience is to be as real as you can. Sometimes this means that you get to know your clients on a more personal level therefore deepening your mutual understanding with them.

Clients often desire this experience because it offers the most important part of every interaction. Connection. Often, clients will tell me that the sex is just the cherry on top of the sundae because connection is more important to them. Without it, the whole session is pointless. It has no substance, no meaning.

Personally, I enjoy the GFE because I get the chance to connect with my clients on a more intimate level, therefore elevating our sexual experiences. There’s no better feeling for me as a provider than instantly finding a commonality between me and my client and the GFE is the best way to achieve it.

What Is Considered A Successful GFE?

Every encounter will be different because every client expects different things but a successful GFE session is definitely achievable. To me this means that I was able to cater to my client from the first point of contact  until  we give each other a kiss goodbye.

Every encounter starts from the moment the client reaches out to book a date. I make sure to reply to their inquiry as soon as I can and make sure to answer any questions they may have. This also gives me a chance to speak to my potential clients about my services and the restrictions I have in place. This ensures that there will be no conflict during our date and it it gives us a great understanding of what we both expect during our time together. Once this is done, you can almost always expect that the session will go well.

Location plays a big part in making sure that you get a successful GFE session. I personally host from a more comfortable incall like an airbnb or short term rental condo unit because I believe that it helps ease the client into a more homely vibe. It also provides a bit of privacy compared to hotels. Clients value the extra step you take to make sure that they are in a safe environment. Plus, he’s supposed to be visiting his girlfriend after all. Having fun in her place, in her room, and on her bed feels a lot more real than a hotel suite.

When the time comes for us to finally meet, I make sure to open the door in my best lingerie. This shows the client that you put an effort into making sure you look your best for him. A good welcome hug helps nervous clients calm down and more excited  ones to get a chance to express their enthusiasm to meet you.

I often ask my client to have a seat with in my living room for a little chat before we start. Getting to know each other in person helps us establish connection before we have some fun. Once we proceed to the bedroom, I choose to be a more passionate lover. I take things slow and take my time with my client. I get to know their body and what turns them on. For me, making out is essential. Teasing and foreplay is a must. I like to build the anticipation for a greater orgasmic reward later on. After sex, I like to chat while cuddling. Often, I talk to my client about how our intimate session was. I ask questions on things I can improve or moments that drove him crazy during our time that he would love to repeat for next time. This helps you formulate a more personal interaction with your client for when he comes back.

Once the date has come to an end, I make sure to send my clients with a warm farewell hug and kiss, leaving a lasting impression. Then, just to make sure he knows I’m still thinking about him, I send him a message to let him know how much I enjoyed our session and that I would love to see him again. Your client will love you for that and that’s because you showed him that you have him in your mind. That’s sexy.

Again, it’s different for everyone but this is my basic definition of a successful GFE.

How To Experience A Successful GFE

It’s hard to ensure anything during a session but with communication it’s possible to set yourself up for success. I personally developed a way to read clients through our conversations prior the appointment. This proves quite difficult if you’re new to the industry because it takes some time to familiarize yourself on how to read people. I take note of certain requests and how my client is coming across through his messages.

It helps me see a little bit of his personality and I use that little bit of information to help me prepare for our date. If I encounter some trouble trying to read him, I often just ask questions. It’s better to know what they like than to guess during the session. Different clients, different needs but they often look for one common thing which is connection. If I can provide that for them, I’m sure everything else will fall into place.

How Does The GFE Evolve?

There is no perfect formula for this but I find it helps me when I piece together their story. The more you see your client regularly, the more you get to know him. This usually means that you both will share his life experiences during conversations and perhaps even a little bit of yours. This can only be achieved if your client finds that he can trust you. Yes. Trust. It has a very big role in your relationship with your client.

As a companion, I value trust more than anything. It will bring you a long way. Although very important, trust doesn’t always just mean respect for privacy. If your client trusts you, he will be willing to explore new things with you. You can both be adventurous with your encounters. You can bring them to the edge of their sexual desires if they know you’re putting their best interest at heart. This then will ensure that things will be kept interesting and that no encounter is ever the same. It keeps them guessing and wanting more. Personally, I enjoy this dance with my client’s mind. I find satisfaction in helping him discover new things about himself that he never knew before. Quite honestly, this works both ways as I find myself getting surprised by my personal sexual discoveries as well. It’s a perfect way for both of you to explore each other. This can take some work from your end because you have to constantly learn new ways to bring forth pleasure.

One thing I can say is that I find most clients enjoy the orgasms you cause in their mind than the ones you cause in their pants. A simple way to try this out is by surprising them with your looks and outfits. Be unpredictable with your hair, make up, and even your sexual personas. One day be a girl next door, the next be a sexy secretary, then be total goddess. An unpredictable girl is very sexy.

Asia Mendez – I live a positive life, possess a positive mind, and create positive vibes. I am fearless to say that I am in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. I want to be the first thing you touch in the morning and the last taste of ecstasy that you have at night. I present a highly sensual, supremely confident, and alluring experience — offering endless pleasures and a chance for adventures.

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Asia Mendez

I live a positive life, possess a positive mind, and create positive vibes. I am fearless to say that I am in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. I want to be the first thing you touch in the morning and the last taste of ecstasy that you have at night. I present a highly sensual, supremely confident, and alluring experience -- offering endless pleasures and a chance for adventures.


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