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Stephanie, Model From Cape Cod


Stephanie, Model From Cape Cod

I am 23 years old and from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I have been modeling for a few years now and I was recently  published, this was a big step for me! Aside from modeling I am also a student and a waitress. I just finished a diagnostic techicnican certificate program but I really want to continue my education into Diagnostic Medical Sonography!

What got you started into modeling?

I lived in Canada until I was six years old and at the time my parents owned a photography store. They would also use me as a model so I became very comfortable being in front of a camera. What really started my interest in modeling is when I moved to the US and saw these models who were tall and skinny like me and walking the runway! That made me want to become a model!

Which genre of modeling do you prefer most?

I love portrait and high fashion editorial.

Do you follow a strict beauty regime to look so amazing?

I am naturally very tiny  (thanks mom!) I don’t follow any diet or extreme exercises! I love pasta and pizza! When I do work out, I stick to a light jog and yoga! As for beauty regime, I just try to wash my face twice a day and never sleep with my makeup on.

Have you had a funny modeling or photoshoot experience to share?

There was a shoot I did this time last year and I had brought along a friend of mine to do my makeup. As we were on set I threw on my Spotify playlist (rap and hiphop) and started singing along. Then the photographer and his assistant was like, “where’s that music coming from?

What have you always wanted to do or learn but have yet to find the time for it?

What’s always been in my bucket list is to travel to Africa and spend some time at a rehabilitation sanctuary for wildlife!

Is there any food or drink you can’t live without?

I love Trader Joe’s Orange-Peach-Mange juice! For food it would definitely be pasta or pizza!

What is a funny or awkward attempt a guy has tried to know you?

One time I was at a bar and while my friends were dancing I was sitting down taking just resting my feet.  This guy comes over to me tries to hit on me, I ignore him and he leaves. Then as I’m leaving the club he comes back and goes sorry about earlier, when I like what I see, I go for it.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Stephanie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Being confident in your skin!

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Snapchat: @realliltush

Upcoming shoot with Boston / NYC photographer @suhaylphotographty  shoot date TBD

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