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Dutch Model, Stylist & Designer Brigitte Summers


Dutch Model, Stylist & Designer Brigitte Summers

Hello, well thank you for featuring me! I am Brigitte, I’m 21 years old and I live in the countryside of the Netherlands. In 2018 I graduated and achieved my Bachelor of Arts.  At the moment I have multiple jobs, I am a freelance model, freelance stylist and designer and also do the PR and marketing for a company. I have a passion for fashion and art. In my spare time I like to drive my horse or meet up with friends. I have also have a lot of other animals, including three aquariums.

Photo: Wilko van ‘t Veer

What got you started into modeling?

I have wanted to be a fashion model for quite a while, I auditioned multiple times and even have my catwalk certificate. Eventually I realized I probably just don’t have what they are looking for in a fashion model at this moment. I still wanted to model so I started doing TFP shoots which was often a great experience and a confidence booster. At the moment, I shoot a lot for Suicide Girls.

Photo: Bear Photography

Which is your most memorable or unforgettable photoshoot so far?

Oh gosh, there are multiple. I think the most memorable shoot for me was with a photographer that was super awkward. He kept pushing me to do literally physically impossible positions and he was really awkward to communicate with. After we were finished he asked me multiple times if I wanted to do another shoot with him but I thanked him kindly. The pictures turned out nice though!

Photo: Bear Photography

How will you describe a typical day like for yourself?

A typical day like me would be waking up around 9, having a panic attack about my day. Then I get my shit together and make breakfast, often a smoothie, I eat plant based. When I’ve finished breakfast I brush my teeth, get ready and take care of my horses. Then I do some meditation, yoga and then a little workout. I usually work behind the computer doing PR and marketing or I take on a design/clothing project.

After lunch, I often walk my dogs and then I go back to work for a few hours. At around 5 o’clock I lunge my horses (basically make them run), it’s part of their daily exercise. Around 6 I have dinner and then I go back to work.

At 9 I usually install myself with a glass of  wine in front of the TV or I read a book. I try to go to bed at 11. That would be a typical day for me, I am kind of bored of working at home but I hope to get a new job soon at a clothing store.

Photo: Bear Photography

Is there a story you can share behind one of your tattoos?

Well all of my tattoos have stories. But one of my first tattoos was my half sleeve, inspired by my favorite movie/comic character Wolverine. I have a tattoo of Wolverine and Phoenix because their complicated relationship has always fascinated me. I mean how difficult can a man’s life be? Being in love with the woman who is the most powerful mutant that is also mentally unstable and in a relationship with another man.

At some point he even kills her because she asked him to because she had become too dangerous. Jeez, that is one sad but beautiful love story. Phoenix also reminds me of myself because I have experienced serious mental problems in the past. Now luckily things are going better, but I wouldn’t wish a psychosis to happen to anyone.

Photo: Bear Photography

What have you always wanted to do but have yet to find the time for it?

I have always wanted to launch my own sustainable fashion brand, which takes a lot of time.

If you could time travel, where will you go and like to experience or witness?

I think I would travel to the 70’s or 80’s the music and fashion back then was just amazing! I love glamrock and I am a fan of Queen and David Bowie (and many other’s) but their concerts would be something I would definitely go to.

Photo: Wilko van ‘t Veer

What is the funniest or lamest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Some guy in the train just started talking about my appearance and suddenly asked for my phone number. I didn’t really want to give it to him but I still had to sit in the same train for 15 minutes, awkward……

Photo: Photo Art Wijchen

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Brigitte. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

My definition of sexy is be proud of who the fuck you are. Rock your insecurities, love yourself for who you are and if you can’t accept something about yourself don’t whine about it, do something about it.

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