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Why Everyone Should Try Anal At Least Once

Sex Ed

Why Everyone Should Try Anal At Least Once

The most divine part of anal sex is to feel that a person is breaking the most intimate of your soul. You will never feel as happy as when someone ejaculates in you in the ass, and that sensation is the most divine thing in the world.

One Anal Sex Misconception

Some people say that a wide penis is better, but I prefer it long. I love to feel that it is very deep inside of me. and a wide penis will only cause pain.

Experience Counts

Yes, it is better to do it with a mature man, as they have more experience and will know how to stimulate all areas of the body. A young person will only want to penetrate and that is all.

4 Tips To Enjoy Anal Sex

1 – Find the perfect position (doggy for me)

2 – Start slowly and do not forget to touch the pussy

3 – Make him feel that you are very inside with each penetration, and try to reach the heart through the anus.

4 – Never forget to talk dirty.

Preferred Anal Sex Position

Doggy style!

Kink It Up!

You can write on the ass “deposit your cum here“, and that will make any man become a bull.

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