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Insights Into The Sex Industry

Sex Ed

Insights Into The Sex Industry

Sex is such a complex act. While yes, physically it feels great, I’m so intrigued as to how (and why) it changes with the partners we have. Different people enjoy different things, with some people we have that emotional spark, with others it is purely a sexual feeling.

Yes, I am into downright filthy sex acts, however I understand that this isn’t always the case with my partner. I enjoy connecting with new people on a sexual, emotional, and physical level, and sex let’s you do all these things!

How I Got Started Into Sex Work

I actually started as a Sugar Baby/Companion and camgirl. I now work as an escort, starting to perform in porn and I strip on and off. This beginning taught me that having sex is really only a tiny fragment of sex work. Being a Sugar Baby means you are someone’s companion and confidante, which allows you into their inner circle. You become privy to their innate feelings, insecurities and stresses. There is something so intimate and personal about that, without even considering the physical element. Yes, escorting seems like natural progression, but it actually was a decision that allows me to focus on my study and main career path.

Working on cam means that you have to find ways of connecting with your audience in ways that are not necessarily physical. Yes, the subtle art of tease is a skill acquired through practice, and can be the way you draw your potential clients in. However it is your demeanour, your personality, and your communication skills that ultimate keep them there. I’ve had people sit in my room that just wanted to talk to me and about my interest in science and biological studies.

Camming has also definitely led to my total love of being on screen and being erotically seductive. I was always provocative and flirty, and it magnetically drew me to the sex industry, but it is definitely the connections you make with people is what keeps me here.

Misconception About Sex Workers

That we don’t pay tax (really?), unorganized, lazy and unambitious. My personal favourite, “Your job is so easy!” They could not be more wrong. There is a reason we are called sex WORKERS. The typical sex worker stereotype is exclusive and offensive, and it’s these misconceptions that make our job dangerous. Misconceptions lead to stigma and stigma leads to discrimination and ultimately puts us at risk of injury, abuse, homelessness and many other problems.

What I Hope Can Change

The laws. I would love to see decriminalised model, or laws similar to NSW, implemented nation wide. Not to say that NSW laws are perfect, but small steps in a positive direction is what is needed. We face enough stigma without the laws being against us.

Difference Between Sex On & Off Camera

Sex on camera is creating an image, a scene to stimulate arousal for the viewer. I’m not saying it isn’t fun or authentic (that depends on the actors/scene), but that’s not what it’s about. I’m lucky that a lot of the scenes I have been involved in we are allowed some creative freedom to let acts happen organically.

I’ve come into porn from the camming/private content side of things, so I’m quite used to seeing myself on screen.  Creating content means there is usually criteria of what needs to happen in the scene – certain acts or positions, or other component. Again, it’s in the name, performer/actor says it all.

Sex off of camera can be almost the opposite, but not always. Sometimes you get to experience acts you’ve always wanted to try. Sometimes it’s providing someone with something they’ve always wanted to try. Sometimes it can be fantastic, sometimes horrible. Just like any interaction between people, it’s always changing, exciting, electric.

Evolving To Keep Up With Industry Changes

While the changes can be frustrating, it is so important in any industry to adapt to stay competitive and relevant. Personally, I can see myself creating more online content, to reach greater audiences than I would otherwise be able to with escorting/local work. I have already seen the positive impact an online presence can have when touring, and to connect with other worker and new clients.

As far as the industry changing, I think we have already seen the beginning. The increase in online content is just the beginning. We’ve just seen the opening of a sex-doll brothel in Spain, predicting the future of sex-robot based tourism. It’s a scary reality to consider that humans are becoming obsolete, in any industry. I think that with the increase of this though, an authentic ‘human’ experience will become more desired.

With porn, VR technology is just starting to become a reality, and I am so excited to see this become more accessible and popular. I have personally experienced VR gaming, and I can’t wait to view VR porn, I think it will be such an immersive sensory experience.  I may have watched too much Black Mirror, but I think it won’t be long until we see Augmented Reality porn too.

Allegra Sphynx – I am an Australian Independent Escort, Companion and Porn Performer. You may often see me stripping both on-and-off the screen. I specialise in Porn Star style sessions, with a focus on raunchy passionate teasing.
Let me take your breath away!

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Allegra Sphynx

I am an Australian Independent Escort, Companion and Porn Performer. You may often see me stripping both on-and-off the screen. I specialise in Porn Star style sessions, with a focus on raunchy passionate teasing. Let me take your breath away!


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