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LA Actress & Model Emily Rainey


LA Actress & Model Emily Rainey

Hi Emily, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hey y’all! I’m so pleased that you’re here. I’m a 5’9, blonde, dedicated young woman from Sour Lake, Texas now living in LA. My little hometown has approximately 1,500 residents. In other words, moving to Los Angeles has been huge! I couldn’t be any happier! Things are moving very quickly for me, I’m thrilled to say! Here’s a few random facts about me – I’m in love with the color pink, I’m vegan, I am usually smiling, I laugh more than anyone you know, and I am a lot of fun! OH! And I’m an actress and model so be on the lookout! 😉


What is a typical day like for yourself?

A typical day for me would be hopping out of bed as soon as my alarm sounds (I can’t stand hearing alarms, so I just go ahead and get up lol) followed by eating a bowl of oatmeal and drinking warm tea or coffee while posting a good morning post on my Instagram page. Gotta keep my fans happy! Next I’d glam up a bit with some makeup for either a photoshoot, promo modeling job, or acting gig. Some time throughout the day I’d read a few pages of one of the “The Secret” series books, or a book of that kind, and sneak in either a yoga, pilates, or interval training session. Then I’d watch a couple of episodes of either “New Girl” or “How I Met Your Mother” – those are my favorite TV shows! Then I’d stretch, post for my fans again, and maybe have some more tea and get any random things around the apartment done.


How did your passion for acting and modeling come about?

I was always told when I was in my early teen years that I should model. So I started modeling at 15 and loved it! I was always told on set that I reminded people of a “movie star”. I decided I’d give theatre and acting a try! I was in my theatre arts class in my Junior year of high school, and we were studying “The Hunger Games”. I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence’s character and performance! So, I got with acting coach Kim Terry in Houston and we decided I should go to a showcase. There I received a talent scholarship, ultimately leading me to be where my heart was – LA! 🙂

(For the record, I love J-Law but Cameron Diaz will always be my true love)


Do you have any hobbies?

Of course! I love yoga, cycling, riding horseback, baking, volleyball, and tennis.


Is there a favorite quote or motto you live by?

“If your dreams don’t terrify you, they’re not big enough.”


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

Hmmmmmmm. I guess I’d say filming this promo video for a celebrity Halloween House Party 2016. I was blindfolded and forced to stick my hand in the toilet where a soggy banana was waiting for me…… It went viral, though, so it was worth it! Haha look it up!


If you had the opportunity to meet anyone past or present, who will it be?

Cameron Diaz, of course!


What can a guy do to turn you off on a date?

Guys who talk to girls like they’re lesser than are not date material in my book. We are all humans, mister. So respect a lady and she’ll give you what you need and more. 😉


It is a pleasure to feature you, Emily. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Sexy is a mental state of being. If you are confident, love yourself, and send out good vibes to others and treat people with respect and kindness, you’re extremely sexy.

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