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Humiliation And Slave Training For Subs


Humiliation And Slave Training For Subs

I’m intelligent, sexy, creative and passionate amongst many other things. Of course, the ‘slaves’ reading this will also want to hear that at times I’m cruel, aloof, demanding and perhaps even heartless, but true submissives that seek a long term service will also find me compassionate and intuitive. As for where I’m from, I’m British. I’ve had people tell me that they think I’m not of this world, that I’m from another dimension or even that they think I am heaven sent. All you need to know is that I have a classic English accent and I currently choose to reside and play in London.

Mistress Clarissa

Mistress Clarissa

What Is Slave Training and Humiliation?

Slave training is a distinct from humiliation. Slave training allows me to utilise many of the skills I have as the goals for each slave may be different and training is itself therefore diverse. I have basic standards that I expect from everyone who comes to see in terms of politeness, respectfulness and cleanliness but slave training specifically implies a longer term service and some kind of positive transformation of the submissive into a better slave.

This kind of positive transformation can be achieved through instruction, examination, reward and punishment. It can also be achieved through rituals which I love incorporating into my sessions. Any slave in a long term training under me will learn how to write, memorise and recite an oath of allegiance to me and how to build rituals and dedicate them to me as their Mistress. These might involve reciting certain words, or repeating actions on a daily basis. They might be attached to particular activities such as bathing, going to bed, exercising and eating. I also like to control my slaves through imposing chastity, allowing them to only release with my permission as part of a ritual.

The rituals prepare the slave for serving me, they become a part of the slave’s life bonding their inner world to me. This ensures that during face to face training, the slave is already pliable and receptive to my instructions. Desirable behaviours are encouraged through reward, undesirable behaviours are discouraged by punishment as necessary depending on how the slave is progressing through their training. Humiliation is a specific form of sanction which can be employed. The durational aspect of training allows me to gain an insight into each slave and identify the triggers, the words, the actions and the tasks that will humiliate or shame a slave. It is interesting to watch different slaves approach these challenges in their own way, forcing themselves to comply ultimately because they want to please me, because they will feel good about themselves if they are a good slave. I am not an overly patient person and even the least perceptive slave will pick up on my intolerance for procrastination and comply. A few examples of possible training activities include grovelling and kissing my boots in bars, crawling after me in a busy park, drinking my urine, eating dog food, licking thick mud from my boots, following a diet plan, following an exercise regime, maid duties, and a plethora of other delightful abasement.

Requests From Slaves

As slave training is a long term commitment for me and the slave I tend to be a little choosy whom I pursue this with. I get requests for many sessions and some who ask for slave training don’t really understand what it entails. I have half a dozen or so slaves in long term training at the moment but as it is so rewarding for both parties I should welcome a few more into the stable.

Preparation Is Key

Both the slave and I do a great deal of preparation. We will communicate extensively before a session, that communication being part of their training. Principally this is by email as it gives us both time to consider things. I then use this correspondence to plan and structure the session, taking into consideration how the slave can amuse me and particular activities that will appeal to them. As the session nears I will choose my outfit and identify the tools that I will use and at that stage the session really starts to take shape in my mind.

Typical Slave Training And Humiliation Process

This is almost impossible to answer as each process is different. My slave training relies on communication which allows me to treat each slave as the unique individual they are. I might dehumanise or objectify them at times but that is all in the context of our communication which has allowed me to create a ‘bespoke’ experience for the slave which we both find very satisfying. It is no surprise that this service tends to appeal to more intelligent slaves, but not necessarily experienced slaves with a wide spread of interests, creativity, communication skills and awareness. The long term nature of this training allows a narrative to develop with new chapters written each time we correspond or meet.

Obey Or Get Punished

Of course they do that is their nature to wish to obey and to please their Mistress. The rituals also prepare the slave for doing whatever I ask of them. No matter how difficult, they trust me and this is the key. I can also be very persuasive when I need to be with a mixture of threat and enticement. Usually the obvious signs of my impatience are enough to motivate a slave to follow my orders no matter how tentatively they are approaching the situation..

Safety Precautions For Beginners

That depends on the nature of the training but its probably wise to start with simple safer activities, the aspiring dominatrix must first feel comfortable with taking control of her slave and the responsibility that goes with that before complicating things with equipment and procedures. Establishing a calm authority is the first step. I would suggest that people read some of the many informative ‘how to’ manuals pertaining to specific activities that interest them and that are available and see if the reality matches their fantasy.

There are also resources being offered by the BDSM community to enable people to learn how to do things safely such as workshops and presentations. Of course couples can also go and see a Mistress in order for her to show them something specific or just so that the aspiring domme can get an idea of how to give her partner the submission he needs. I always welcome couples who wish to explore themselves and each other. You can also go on a tour of a dungeon to find out more about equipment and how to use it, London Dungeon Hire offers a warm welcome and an excellent extended tour and provides a safe space for people to play in.

I have just returned from California where I have been engaged in a very exciting new project with top hypnotic dominatrix Mistress Carol. Those interested in erotic hypnosis should visit to find out more about Mistress Carols hypnotic powers and take advantage of the free soon to be released first hypnotic recording by Mistress Clarissa.

Mistress Clarissa offers pointers on slave training, humiliation, punishment and pleasure. Follow her on Twitter (@Clarissa_Shares) and her website now!

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Mistress Clarissa

Mistress Clarissa offers pointers on slave training, humiliation, punishment and pleasure.


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