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Follow DJ Sakura and party in Singapore


Follow DJ Sakura and party in Singapore

Who is DJ Sakura?

I am from Singapore – a little red dot on the map, part of South-East Asia. I am a Deejay and have been spinning at some of Singapore’s hippest clubs.

How did your interest in Deejaying came about?

I have always been interested in music. I used to listen to a lot of club mixes and have always been curious about how pieces of music have been ‘stitched’ in together and sound so good, how someone can learn to use a console that seems so complicated! Then, I came across an opportunity to learn and deejay on the job while they sent me for courses. Without much consideration, I jumped right into it! Heh!

Which are your favourite genre of music?

Dubsteps, hip hop, trap music.


What’s the best compliment you have received?

Career wise, I have received compliments that my music and song selection is unique and these party people have been having a blast throughout the night because of me! So far, this has been the compliment that still tickles my heart.

How will you describe your fashion style?

My usual outfit for a day out with friends would be a put-together of a cropped-top tee, high-waist pants/skirt and probably pull-over a comfy jacket that suits the outfit. Oh, and I’m almost always in high platform shoes (cause’ since I’m really short!). I take OOTDs like an everyday affair. You may check them out on Instagram: @sakura.soh, then maybe if you spot me when I’m out, do come and say hi!

Do you follow any particular fashion trends?

Japanese-influenced street wear fashion.

What colours suit you best?

Although my favourite colour is black, white and baby pink but white compliments me best.


Where can we catch you partying usually?

CJ’s Bar@Quaich (Resort World Sentosa), Bang Bang Club and Delta Sports Hall. (Whuuttt?! Sports Hall? Why???) Yes. Delta Sports Hall. I will be the main Deejay playing sets for the upcoming Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League Games that will be happening from 6th December 2015 to 10th April 2016. There will also be a festival and after-party for this event that I will play for. You might want to check out Pro-Am SBL on Facebook for more info. 😉

If you had the chance to learn anything in this world, what would it be?

I wish to learn all of the languages in the world! Well because, communication is SO important. I would like to communicate with all of my fans in the best and most sincere way I can. Plus, don’t you think being able to speak any language like it’s your native language can be really cool? Hehe.

One fun fact about yourself which most people do not know?

When I drink alcohol I don’t get high. Instead, I start getting really sleepy. So when I spin, I try not to drink at all so I do not spoil my evening and find myself sleeping in the changing room at the clubs!

What’s sexy to you?

Anyone who is confident and healthy is sexy to me!

I have recently taken up the job to spin at the Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League Games, as well as at their festival. I will also be spinning at Bang Bang Club. As I’m currently not a resident Deejay of any club, I spin at various places. You may follow me on Facebook to catch up on my whereabouts and let’s parteehhh!!!

Follow the lovely DJ Sakura on:

Instagram: @DJ.Sakuraaa
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Images courtesy of DJ Sakura

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