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Island girl Pia Danielle Padre


Island girl Pia Danielle Padre

Who is Pia Danielle Padre?

I am Pia Danielle Padre. All of my friends call me by my first name. Mostly because there is an unwritten rule that I never be called by the second name. Lol. I’m 22 years old, I am of Spanish, Chinese and Filipino descent. I grew up in Bicol but decided to move to Manila for my studies. I’m a culinary graduate and now I’m taking up Fashion Design and Marketing at Sofa design Institute. I’ve been into fashion since I was  little. I love to design clothes, I also love to mix and match clothes like what stylists do and also I’m very interested in the buying side of the Fashion Industry. On weekends, you’ll  always find me at the beach. I’m an Island girl. I love to chill by the shore and I also love to surf! Maybe in my past life I was really a mermaid or some sort of an ocean creature! Hahaha.

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How will you describe your fashion style?

I only have 2 fashion styles. Its either very “girly/preppy” look with those baby girl outfits or I’m chic-minimalist-sophisticated encapsulated in one look. I don’t like wearing print on print. There’s always 3 colors in my whole outfit look.


Which are the favorite items in your wardrobe?

My favorite items in my wardrobe are first, My LBDs( little black dress), there’s a lot of them in my closet! I think every girl should have one or two.. Second is all of my white tops and dresses! I love white clothes cause it’s easy to pick a bag or a pair of shoes to go along with it.. Well actually, all of my clothes are my favorite. I’ve developed a deep emotional attachment with every single one of them. Haha. But the two that I mentioned are my favorites and I can’t live without them in my life! Haha.


What is one fashion accessory every lady should have?

Every lady should have a statement necklace, a set of gold necklace with ring and earrings. A nice watch, pearl earrings and a diamond ring.


Name 3 fun facts about yourself.

1. I love to cook! I used to be a culinary student so i developed some cooking skills. I love cooking breakfast for my boyfriend or friends whenever they sleep over at my house. I also live alone in my condo so basically, the whole kitchen is my playground! Haha I enjoy cooking for my visitors.

2. I’m an extremely shy person. People often see it as being snob. But honestly, I’m just always shy to talk to new people. Lol.

3. I’m a video game addict! I have a twin brother so I grew up playing video games with him and up until now, I still enjoy playing video games with my boyfriend haha.

Here’s a bonus: I’m a die hard fan of nature. (That’s why I’m always at the beach) It calms me and feeds my soul. I appreciate everything in life and nature. I love really flowers and I grew some in my balcony and water them daily haha.


Which are your best physical features?

I think that would be my eyes, I get a lot of compliments about it and I think my eyes tell a lot about how I feel. Haha. I also love my butt and I’m very confident with it LOL.

If you had the chance to learn anything in this world, what will it be?

There are A LOT since I’m very adventurous and I always want to try new things but here are the top 3 on my list:

First  would be flying a plane. Who doesn’t want to be a pilot? I mean that’s incredibly awesome flying up in the clouds!

Second is very simple. It’s to learn how to whistle haha. My whole life I’ve been trying to do it but I really can’t. What is wrong with me? HAHA.

Third is to learn different languages. Like I want to speak fluently cause I might (I wish) travel the world world one day and by learning different languages, I can understand and connect with such diverse people and learn from them.

How will you describe a romantic date?

Since I love the beach, I picture a romantic date by the shore and we can set up a blanket with beanbags and pillows. Candles around the blanket and we can bring food and of course play chill music or we can watch a movie in a laptop or just lay there, talk and watch the night sky.. It’s very simple. I don’t ask much from guys. As long as we’re both happy, I’m already contented.


How do you define sexy?

Being sexy is being smart, one who knows how to speak her mind and has goals in life Being sexy is being confident with one’s own self, with her own flaws and with her own curves. Its all about being confident of who you are. Loving and appreciating what you have will make you feel sexy. I think every girl is sexy in their own little ways and perspective.

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