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Interview with published photographer Russell from North Carolina


Interview with published photographer Russell from North Carolina

Get to know photographer Russell, who runs Rsellos Photography, his favorite photography accessories, how the experience is like working with all the beautiful models and his 5 favorite photos taken so far.

Hi Russell, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Please share with us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hey! I’m a published photographer based in North Carolina, specializing in model and automotive photography, and also experience in product and real estate photography as well. I travel fairly often, so much of my work is in up and down the east coast and in California.

When did you develop an interest photography and turn it into such a success?

When I started competing with a show car at car events, I would take event photos with a pocket camera and post on forums. I received a lot of positive feedback on those simple pics, so from then, I decided to pursue becoming a photographer… kept on shooting since 2007 and here I am today!


How will you describe your style?

A sort of mix of glamour and lifestyle.

What are your favorite photography accessories?

I like using a portable softbox and pocket flashes. I try keep it simple but effective (and fit everything into a backpack lol).

Can you share with us 5 of your all time favorite photos taken?

Sure, see attached.






How is it like working with all the beautiful models you shoot for?

It is definitely a blessing… fun, though it can be hard work!

Have there been any funny or embarrassing moments during some of your shoots?

I fell off a stage at a club one time while snapping a pic… that hurt! Another time, I did a photoshoot after coming from the bar, late night… could hardly concentrate haha but the images were a hit!

Can you briefly describe to our readers your photographic workflow after a shooting session is completed?

Typically I would a quick review of the images from the photoshoot, and send the images for the clients to select the ones they need edited. Once I receive their list, I’d would proceed to edit and send to the client but the deadline.

It’s a great pleasure to feature you on on SimplySxy, Russell. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Something so attractive, and time seems to stop -you forget where you are, and nothing else matters for that brief moment.


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