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The sky’s the limit for Celestine Swee


The sky’s the limit for Celestine Swee

Who is Celestine Swee?

100% born and bred in the little sunny island of Singapore, and proud of it!

I’d like to think of myself as an all-rounder/multi-tasker… I believe that one should not just be judged on what they do, as there are no limitations when you have the will to achieve. “I will (achieve) what I want.” I have a full-time office job in sales, on weekday nights and weekends I do freelance modelling and acting. From time to time, I participate in volunteer work for causes I believe in. It makes me treasure the life I’m blessed with. There are too many less fortunate people around us, and we should all do our part for the better of the community.


What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I used to think that you’d die from swallowing chewing gum… until recently LOL. Can’t fault me, chewing gum is banned in Singapore!

Do you have any hobbies?

I gym in my free time. My gym is my happy place – positive vibes only. With all my commitments, my schedule is really tight, but I always try to work out at least once a week. There was a period of time I used to gym every other day, but now with more assignments it’s hard to keep up with that routine anymore. You have to ensure your body gets enough rest as well, otherwise you might strain yourself or fall sick easily.


Most embarrassing thing you’ve done?

Fell onto the train tracks – in front of all my friends and entire lecture hall mates. Had to walk around in crutches for the next month or so. I was instantly recognizable from a mile! It was awful.

Three things you can’t live without?

Technically speaking oxygen, water and food hehe.


If you had the chance to meet anyone, past or present, who will it be?

If I could meet me in the past, I would have told myself – pain is only temporary, and it will only hurt as long as you allow it to hurt you. Once you decide to let go, then nothing can hurt you anymore. I’ve loved and I’ve lost before; who hasn’t? But what I regret is suffering longer than I should have. Every day spend drowning yourself in misery is a day lost that could have been happy.

 Are you more comfortable in lingerie or bikini?

It depends on the location mostly. If I’m at the beach, of course a bikini! But I don’t know how to swim actually, got this phobia of water. When I was very young, I was playing in the pool when I went under and almost drowned. When I’m at home alone or in my room, probably lingerie would be better.


Weirdest pickup line or attempt at knowing you from a guy is?

“Are you waiting for me?” – How am I supposed to reply to that…?

What’s the sexiest thing in your wardrobe?

Last year I dressed up as a corpse bride for Halloween – white corset, white lace mini skirt complete with white mesh veil and white fishnet thigh-high socks. There’s a picture of that OOTD on my Instagram, it would be very sexy if not for the scary make-up hahaha.


One word that best describes you?


Someone who isn’t afraid of change, able to adapt to my surroundings.


What’s sexy to you?

I think being sexy is being comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what you are wearing. Inner confidence is very beautiful and sexy. Anyone can be sexy, as long they learn to embrace their own flaws and sexuality.

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Instagram: @celestswee

Images courtesy of Celestine Swee

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