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How do I achieve squirting orgasms?

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How do I achieve squirting orgasms?

My original view on squirting a little over a year ago was, “What is this sorcery?!” Then I read some how-to-squirt guides and after many failed attempts was left saying, “Is that even real?!” Frustrated, I gave up and chalked squirting up to being some mythical porn magic.

That is until I met Jace! When we first got together, we played a 21 questions game and he told me that his biggest turn on and fetish was squirting! Naturally, I panicked since I had tried and failed to do it, and all I want to do is please my partners. But Jace was up to the challenge to make me squirt for the first time.

He instructed me before we started to tell him when I felt the pressure like I had to go to the bathroom. He performed oral and started fingering me until he discovered the spot, and once he found it he just keep prodding it, which I didn’t mind at all. Once I let him know he pulled his fingers out but it was so fast I shot it all right in his face, it was a fairly impressive stream for my first experience. It shocked me and I was embarrassed, but Jace was far too proud and turned on to be worried about it.

Now I find it hard NOT to squirt when I masturbate or have sex, it turns me on so much and it is just the next step in orgasms!


Stimulation I require

At first I was only able to achieve a squirting orgasm after a lot of clitoral and G-spot stimulation together, which still is one of my favorite ways. I honestly didn’t think there was another way to do it, but I was wrong! One of my new favorite hobbies is finding out all the ways I can squirt and trying to beat my personal best of 15 times in a row. I’m thinking I should start to record some of the distances I squirt because I currently don’t even know what my record is.

In my scientific research, I have found that I can squirt from anal and clitoral stimulation, or clitorial stimulation alone. My most recent venture was with panty stuffing, which I found to be even more of a turn on. I can’t wait to find even more fun ways!


The bed does get messy though after I squirt…

My goodness does it ever! Squirting is just something I like to look at as a beautiful mess. I have started to lay down a towel to catch most of it when I know I am going to be squirting, but honestly sometimes it just happens and it’s a big oopsie. I try to be careful where I aim (when I can) as I have had a few accidents…

One time I killed a wireless keyboard and I’m still knocking on wood for my webcams’ safety. The worst one still to date, was when I was in my walk-in closet room, and hadn’t realized my roommates cat was under my bed. I still feel bad about that one.

My best suggestion for anyone who squirts is to lay down a towel or blanket if you don’t mind getting soaked. That and also moving all electronics and pets out of the ‘splash zone’.


Tips to achieve that elusive squirting orgasm

I myself was taught by my partner and I’m not really sure if I would have discovered the amazing feeling from squirting without him. One of the best techniques I’ve found is to stay super hydrated, so I drink glasses of water all day everyday. You’ll also find after a good squirt session that you’ll need/want even more water.

The next advice I can give is to explore your body and research the basic road map to the G-spot; every body is different but you’ll know you found that special spot. Then just keep stimulating it with your fingers, partner, or toy until you feel the pressure like you need to go, then remove your stimulant and push, and you should be squirting like a squirtle in no time!

My aspiration is to be a top 50 MVgirl, which is leading me to making sexy content daily and really thrilling members who have bought my snapchat and are getting sneak peeks!

Currently, I have a Fund Me project on ManyVids to fulfill my biggest fantasy to ride and squirt from two tentacles at once. Sexy details on rewards and that can be found here:

I missed celebrating my birthday on cam, so instead I plan to throw a special prize balloon popping party very soon on chaturbate, if you don’t want to miss it, make sure to follow my twitter or even join my snapchat bros (a bro never let’s a bro miss a liveshow, never). Visit the rest of my profile and links to my social media and websites below!

Images courtesy of Lulu Bunnie
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Lulu Bunnie

I was born in the shadow of the former Foxboro Stadium and at the ripe age of 7 my parents moved me to the land of humidity and mosquitos, more commonly known as Florida. I recently moved back to the cold hard noth’ after missing the season changes and I’m excited to start filming some outdoor videos in the majestic scenery (maybe even some snow scenes!). I’m an avid gamer and artist with an obsession with anime. I’m starting to branch out and add all of these into my cam shows and videos, which I’m super excited to start sharing with my fans.


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