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Kaycey Neo is colourful and all fun


Kaycey Neo is colourful and all fun

Hi, I’m Kaycey from Singapore. I’m a 20 years old lifestyle and beauty blogger. I love to travel, explore new things and take photos to keep as memories!

What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I look tall in pictures but in fact I’m only 160cm! I wish I was taller…


What turns you on?

Colorful things turn me on such as fruity pebbles and paddlepop. But one sincere man that loves me whole-heartedly turns me on even more.


Craziest thing you’ve done?

I was in China for an overseas exchange program. My friends and I decided to do a prank by squatting down and pretend that there was a bomb/earthquake going on. Many got tricked and we were laughing it off. I bet they were cursing us! Hahaha!


Favorite drink?

I love Snowball. It’s a cocktail that is sweet and addictive. I fell in love the first time I had it!


Choice between sweet, salty or a little bit of both?

Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty and sometimes a little bit of both.


Which movie character best represents you?

I guess it is the Mermaid! I always pretended to be a mermaid when I was young. And I am a Pisces who is willing to sacrifice for love.


Must have in your wardrobe?

Black basics and denim shorts. It is always easy to mix and match black basics and denim shorts with other tops and bottoms. It is also essential to have a simple black dress when you feel lazy to dress up. You just have to wear a simple black dress and match with a necklace and you’re good to go!


What’s sexy to you?

Confidence and intelligence are sexy. It doesn’t mean you have to wear less to be called sexy. Because the true sexy is classy.

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Images courtesy of Kaycey Neo

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