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Salina Xay has the sexiest Instagram


Salina Xay has the sexiest Instagram

Upon visiting the beautiful Salina Xay on Instagram, you instantly notice all the amazing shots of her which makes you not want to leave.  SimplySxy learns more about Salina on how she stays in shape, what type of guys is attractive to her and the favourite part of her body.

SimplySxy: Hi Salina, thank you for being on SimplySxy. To begin, can you tell us more about yourself?

Salina: Hi! My name is Salina (duh…) I’m a 23 year old model, dork, and entrepreneur from Chicago, IL.

SimplySxy: Amazing pictures on Instagram! Tell us your secrets in staying in shape!

Salina: I don’t really have a secret. I would say get a Magic Bullet and blend yourself some nice veggie smoothies a couple of times a day and watch out for bad carbs (like white bread, burger buns, etc), go easy on the sugars, go easy on the dairy, and drink plenty of water. I have seen so many people get amazing results just by following that guide. You don’t have to be pinching and calculating everything, just eat clean food. Image you were born before McDonald’s and Coca-Cola or something haha!


SimplySxy: What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

Salina: The sketchy shoot I did on a tractor, inside a warehouse. Still wondering what the hell that was all about lol

SimplySxy: What is fun and rewarding about modeling to you?

Salina: I’d say what’s fun and rewarding is collaborating with other photographers and meeting random cool people along the way. There are times, say, when I go to a meet up or a show and I find myself with people who want to take a pic with me and I’m like “Wow, really!?” That’s pretty cool. It never gets old 🙂


SimplySxy: What are some assumptions about models that you’d like to change or correct?

Salina: That we only model, have no personalities, and rely on our looks. Speak for yourselves.

SimplySxy: What kind of guys attracts you?

Salina: Intelligent and well-rounded guys…definitely.

SimplySxy: Favourite part of your body?

Salina: I’d say my boobs and my height!


SimplySxy: When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Salina: I love watching Shark Tank, cooking, over-working, and then relaxing in my hot tub =P


SimplySxy: Thank you so much for letting us to have you on SimplySxy. Lastly, tell us what is ‘sexy’ to you?

Salina: Sexy is someone who, in your opinion, looks hot but also has so many things going for them. They’re happy with their life.

Follow Salina Xay on:

Facebook: /SalinaXayOfficial
Tumblr: SalinaXayOfficial
Instagram: Mynamessalina

Images courtesy of Salina Xay

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