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Dating in your 40s & 50s and the lingerie YOU wear…


Dating in your 40s & 50s and the lingerie YOU wear…

Anyone in their 40s and 50s knows that as a woman, it is certainly not as easy as one might think to get back out into the dating world with all the games and players.  After having been in a relationship or a long-term marriage, you must know that times have changed and the rules are drastically different. For many women like myself, I was in a marriage for over 17 years and when I divorced, I was oblivious to the modern day dating world.

After having been single for years and gone through the disasters of dating from A to Z, I realized that I could probably write a book on my bad encounters, and in the midst of it all, I met someone.  The problem here lies that as we get older, we tend to forget about our sensual side.  You know, the one that screams steamy and have your way with me.  How do you act, and what the hell do your wear, not only on the outer layer but also underneath your clothes?  I did have one advantage … lingerie was no foreign chit chat to me.  Nevertheless, I suspect that regardless of the woman, we all have some of our own insecurities.

As a woman, I think that we tend to be just a tad bit overly harsh on ourselves.  Women in their 40s and 50s should not feel like they are any less spicy.  We can be quite judgmental of our figures, but don’t allow it to take the fun out of dressing sexy.  Be yourself, wear something that makes you feel good about you.  Here are a few tips: Do confirm that it is the right size.  Who cares if you need a large and not a medium?  I’d much rather have a loose-fitting piece of intimate apparel on and feel comfy in it verses wearing something too tight so that when I bent over I worried that it would split. Not sure what your forte in lingerie is?  Find a few distinctive pieces and see which one that not only looks more enticing on you, but rather which piece makes you feel sublime.  Have a lingerie montage in your walk-in closet, and as Madonna once sang “strike a pose!”

I recommend trying every piece at hand once just to see which works best with your body and build type.  How do you know what is right?  I’ll get into that in upcoming articles where I explain more about each piece of lingerie and give some history about it.  My rule of thumb is quite lucid.  When in doubt, be certain that you have a sexy bra and panty set.  It is simple and yells lustful, in an easy, more laid back nonchalant way … so that’s a good choice.  My second favorite is a sexy chemise.  Get creative.  Show your playful spontaneous side if you will?  Showing up at his house when he is cooking you a romantic dinner in nothing but a trench coat, draped in a sexy chemise underneath, sexy satin panties accompanied with garters and stockings.  Believe me, this will send him into orbit.  Forget the dinner sister, you just became the main course.

Regardless of your age, lingerie is sexy so be the temptress! With that being said; you can look and feel provocative but too many woman think that they have to lay it on thick when in fact, all most men really want is simplicity.  Sure there are corsets, which happen to be super erotic and intoxicating but you do need to remember that during foreplay, getting a woman out of a corset for a man is not always that easy.  Foreplay is what arouses a man and stimulation in a sensual encounter is decisive.  If you are wearing a corset and your partner doesn’t know how to get it off you, this might send your night of passion down the drain.  If you want to have a steamy night, might I suggest saving the corset for another time?  Some men find it quite difficult to wrap their fingers around tiny clasps and hooks, so give them something far easier to work with.

Dating isn’t easy at our age and we are stressed out enough before spending romantic time with our new someone, so seriously, don’t get yourself in a tizzy worrying about lingerie. Wear what makes you feel good. Each piece we sell at Simply Delicious Lingerie offers sex appeal on various levels of foreplay. Bedroom and role-play costumes are fun and most often have a way of taking the edge off.  It also sends to him that ‘come hither’ look, and furthermore, it may be the perfect choice to seduce your partner in a playful way.

Lets face it, men love to be teased, so find what pushes his buttons and ravish him.  If you are in a new relationship or if you’ve been dating for a while, remember, it doesn’t cost a lot to look sexy.  Just find what works best for you in sizes, colors and styles.  Flaunt your curves ladies. 50 is the new 30!

Image courtesy of Michele Savin
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Michele Savin

Michele Savin, born and raised a Youngstown Ohio native, currently residing in Cleveland Ohio is a single mother of two children both residing in NYC. Besides running her two online lingerie stores; Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie (a plus size boutique) she enjoys concerts, sporting events, travel, cooking and gardening. In her free time when she is not jet setting abroad or to a tropical island somewhere on vacation she is in Manhattan (her second home) spending quality time with family. Her children are her rock and her true inspiration and they are what makes her push herself more every day. No strangers to retail and social media networks, they give her guidance with her businesses. Her son, a business major in the elite retail fashion industry of Manhattan and a daughter, a marketing major with the NFL. Michele's goals are to continue educating women and men about intimate apparel and underthings, to promote sexy lingerie at discounted prices so that all women can afford intimate apparel and to inspire women to feel confident about their body regardless of her shape, size and weight. Get in touch with Michele via email at


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