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Mandy Baby Shares Camming Tips

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Mandy Baby Shares Camming Tips

29SimplySxy: What are your personal tips for those new to camming?

Mandy Baby: To become at all successful in the world of camgirls and boys, you need to interact with your audience. Porn is already widely available for free on the internet. Camming is 10% performance and 90% interaction. Your followers/fans want to establish a relationship with you and you should want the same from them. I’ve become friends with my audience and co-performers. I miss them when they’re away and enjoy talking to them as much as I can. It helps to find things you have in common. Some of my most faithful followers share their daily lives with me and I with them. It’s not so much a “job” as it is a lifestyle. Quality is another key factor. You’ll want a decent camera and some good lighting. Make sure you’re groomed and clean! Most importantly—Be yourself. People can spot a fake a mile away. If you’re having to keep up with a made up persona, it’s just going to add more difficulty in becoming successful.


1. Establish real relationships with your fans. They’ll love it as much as you will.
2. Get a decent webcam and maybe a light or two. It’s 2014 and people expect good quality streaming.
3. Take a shower. Nobody wants to see someone who doesn’t practice basic hygiene.
4. Be yourself. If you can’t be yourself on cam then it’s probably not the thing for you.

SimplySxy: How does camming work when you’re in a relationship/married?

MandyBaby: It was difficult at first. Emotions definitely come into play when you are sharing yourself in an intimate way with the world. Communication is key. Sometimes people just aren’t comfortable with the idea of their loved one sharing themselves with others and that’s okay. If you’re partner isn’t comfortable at first perhaps explain to them the incentives that come along with camming. There are sexual incentives. My husband and I cam together almost on a daily basis and it has added an extra element of fun to our bed routine. We’ve explored each other more. We’ve tried out new things that others have suggested. We’ve had a lot of excitement brought to our bed through camming. There’s also the financial incentives that don’t hurt a bit 😉 Even though my husband was hesitant to the idea at first, it has definitely helped us in the long run. If you try it and one of you doesn’t like it, you can always stop! It’s a no obligation, no pressure deal!

1. Be open and communicate with your partner.
2. Explain the emotional, sexual, and financial incentives.
3. Give it a shot. You can work together or solo and if you find that it’s not for you then just stop! Simple as that.

Mandy Baby connects with her fans through twitter @mandybabycams. She also performs at and together with her best friend Tawney and other girls at
On her profile on Chaturbate she is featured performing solo, with her husband, and with her best friend, Tawney.

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