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10 Things to do to get ready for SongKran9 Pool Party


10 Things to do to get ready for SongKran9 Pool Party

SongKran9 Pool Party is one of the craziest party in town. It is one of first circuit parties to sell out, so if you do not have a ticket by now, try your luck next year. For those lucky few, the excitement is just around the corner and it is time to pack. To make sure that you are ready for the pool party, we have come up with a list to help you get ready for the event.


1. Sunblock

One of the hottest pool party in town is happening during one of the hottest time of the year, so sunblock is essential. Banana boat and Nieve sunblocks are very common and can be found in the many Watson and Boots located in every corner of Bangkok. For those that do not have check- in luggage when traveling to the city, you can easily get one for as cheap as 500thb. Remember: we want to get wet, not burnt.


2. What to Wear

Packing is really troublesome when you do not know what to wear. This is especially true when it is your first trip to Bangkok. My suggestion is to pack light. Bring tank tops and shorts as it is very hot in Thailand during this time of the year. You don’t need to bring too much as I’m sure you will do a lot of shopping there. As for footwear, I usually just wear slippers/flip flops in the day. However, when I go to the clubs at night, I prefer to wear shoes. Bring shoes you do not mind getting dirty as clubbing in Bangkok can be pretty wild. Also remember that it is Song Kran the water festival and you will definitely get wet just walking down the streets. So just mentality prepare yourself.


3. Swimwear

Well, it is a pool party so swimwear should have its own point. Finding the right swimwear in terms of the perfect fit or design can be a hassle. Personally, I feel that most swimwear in the market can be pretty conservative in terms of design and colour. Recently, a friend introduce me to the brand CA-RIO-CA. I feel that their designs are pretty slick and the cutting accentuate one’s assets. They have a range of cuts from traditional to bikini and a range of colours and patterns; both exciting and conservative. If nothing else suits your taste, just check out their site for hot Latino men in their sexy trunks.


4. To wax or not to wax

This is a very good question and I guess this is a matter of preference. I usually prefer guys who are natural. However, trimming is important as usually long hair tends to be unkempt. I’m not into shaving as it makes the skin prickle and itchy. As for waxing, I will give the same advice my beautician gives me: do it a week or two before your trip so that your skin is not so raw and make sure you exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs.


5. The Music

What really gets me pumped up for a trip is listening to music leading up to the event. Be it Kylie Minogue or Lady Gaga, a good club mix really is essential. Thanks to soundcloud, we get to sample the music dished out by the four DJs prior to the pool party (do check out the below links)For the Big Wash party, the line-up is have DJ Spectrum K who is from Thailand but regularly tours Asia (from Beijing to Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur) and DJ Javy who is the resident DJ of Icon Angel Shanghai. For the Wash party, the line-up is DJ Jay Santos who is from Manila and current based in San Francisco and also Thai DJ Preeda Tony who spins in both Bangkok and Singapore. The line-up is a great blend of seasoned Asian DJs.


6. Getting around

Since the pool party is sold out, you will expect a huge turnout. It is important to be early for the party and getting around in Bangkok can be a problem due to heavy traffic. So my preferred mode of transport is always the BTS or the MRT. If you are heading out to the Big Wash party at Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok Hotel, you can take the BTS to Asoke station or the MRT to Sukhumvit, followed by a 5 mins walk over to the hotel. It’s along the BTS tracks heading towards Phrom Phong BTS. For those who are more familiar with landmarks, it’s just off Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. As for the Wash party at Sofitel So Bangkok, it’s just off Si Lom which is where a lot of PLUs usually stay during trips to Bangkok. So it should be walking distance for most. If you are not staying in the area, then the nearest train station is Lumphini MRT.


7. Security

You can never be too safe when traveling overseas. This is especially at a party when we simply want to let our hair down and not worry about losing your things. We want to mingle and meet new people, have a splash of a time and not worry about your belongings. Luckily, SongKran9 pool parties have a coat check where you can leave your bags. Personally I would carry light, bring just the important stuff wallet, handphone and a light change of clothes. I would also share a common bag with my friends for our belonging and place it with the coat check.


8. Eating

Both the restaurants and street food in Thailand are awesome. Chances are that when you get there, you will not be able to stop eating, but pace yourself. However, do keep in mind that just like going for a swim, make sure you do not eat too heavy before going to the party. In addition, do not go with an empty stomach if you intend to have alcohol at the party. Since the party begins at 1pm, I would have a brunch at about 11am. I feel that this is enough to sustain myself until the end.


9. Firming up

Time to firm up. Well this is slightly different then toning up. Being tone is about hitting the gym to do weights to get the muscles nice and lean. Who does not like a muscular body? However, from my experience, just because your body bigger does not mean it’s less attractive. As a men would like to touch anything firm. Anything firm … From a strong grip to a beer belly, anything can just be as sexy if it’s firm to the touch—makes you feel safe and feel protected. And who doesn’t like a strong man?


10. Let’s get topless

The previous point is does sound a bit controversial. However, I hope I can drive home the point with this stand. Let’s put an end to body shaming and a pool party is a perfect place to begin. For those who are still body conscious, start by walking around at home topless. And for those who are still in winter, make a trip to an onsen. The point is to get yourself mentality prepared to go topless for the Songkran9’s pool party. I still remember the first time I went topless in a club in Bangkok: My friends and I were so reluctant to take out tops off. However, everyone in the club was topless and having fun, so we threw inhibitions aside and finally did it. It was liberating.

Check out the DJ’s who will be at Songkran9 this year:

Image courtesy of Shutterstock and gCircuit.
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