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Weird Requests I Get From Selling My Used Panties


Weird Requests I Get From Selling My Used Panties

I coin a nickname for myself – MissEasilyWet. Gradually, my customers who frequent my site ( call sxy 1me MEW for short. I never once thought that I will be selling my worn panties in my 20s.  The ailing economy post-Lehman brothers proved to be a major hurdle for me in securing employment in Singapore. You must find it unbelievable as I had all along been getting good grades in school until the final hurdle.  Being in between jobs post-graduation, I came into contact with trading, and this became a vicious downward spiral as I become a jobless person in debt.

In March 2013, I chanced upon a premium grade sex forum and read a thread where panties enthusiasts discussed their fantasies.  I laughed at the lengths they would go just to get their hands on female intimates.  They would intentionally pop by to borrow the toilet at their relatives, neighbours or classmates’ house, just to rummage through their laundry basket for a sniff of their worn underwear!  One user even commented on how sexciting it was to sniff a stranger’s underwear, not knowing who she was.  This gave me an idea to monetise on their fetishes.  Hence, I decided to start selling my panties.  After all, it’s not as if I was selling sex services right? Unlike other young students who charge peanuts and more based on the duration of wearing, my USP is more on my wetness.  I also charge more as I take the risk in meeting up with my customers.  Along the way as I met more customers, I took in their feedback and added more items to my menu. There is a range of budget that can fit everyone’s needs.

I have a bevy of horny polytechnic students who have some extra pocket money to spare, so they can only opt for courier only nosxy5n-meetup packages.

Many others also write in to express admiration for my wetness and how much they crave to lick me from source. Obviously that’s a big no-no.  I have my principles which I hold steadfast to.  With this, I came up with my signature “cum lollipop”.  This specialty is only for customers with higher budgets and is the next best thing to licking me from source.

A common misconception I get is that I masturbate.  Contrary to popular belief, on ‘good’ days, my panties get wet without me knowing.  When I say wet, I don’t mean pee but precum.  When I get stressed, I get occasional thick dollops of sticky stretchy cum.  I have no idea why i get such overdose of protein secretion below.  Some guys call me sick and find my wetness disgusting.  Some even call me a man, despite censored pictures of myself on my blog.

If you think undies selling is easy and good business, think again.  There’s the monthly period which means no panties sale for a week.  There are days when I get a dry spell.  Every now and then I see a new panties seller in the market. One even had the audacity to copy my menu offerings and price list whole sale.  So I come up with a private blog, where only customers can receive a free invite to view my more intimate blog posts, uncensored daily photos and new panties designs.  This solution opened a new can of worms.  I started to receive many requests to enter my private blog and asked me to quote an entry fee, despite clearly indicating that it’s a free privilege for existing customers only. These customers are the most difficult to deal with.  My publicsxy2 blog has all that they need to know.  Either they are illiterate or they simply can’t be bothered to read my FAQs.  I declare that I’m not a sex worker offering HJ, BJ or FJ and yet I get emails asking the same thing.  Guys who think that since they are paying me for my live panties, and being pantyless in their presence means they can finger me.

As if such requests aren’t enough of a turn off, I get out of this world requests involving other body fluids.  One of my initial customers was Alex a panty collector.  On our second meetup, he actually requested that I spit on his dick so he could masturbate (or PCC in my country’s dialect lingo) in my presence.  He repeatedly asked for a bottle of my spit. Apparently, he wanted to use it as lubricant to masturbate at home.

Then there were many others, like a signed on Air Force guy, Roderick, who asked for the cheapest meetup package, promising they are “not bad to look at”, in the hopes of getting into my panties and getting lucky.

But the best excuse to get me butt naked came from a doctor Gordon who works at a women’s hospital.  He pretended to be concerned over the health of my pussy and why I produced such thick sticky cum.  Using his doctor status, he repeatedly asked me to spread my legs sxy3so he could inspect my private parts in his car for free.  This definitely puts “the icing on the cake”.  If you are reading this Doc, please stop offering me peanuts for sex.

Other than that were non-panties related emails applying to be Mr. Easily Wet and asking me out for a dinner date. I keep these people at arm’s length having bore the heartache of going the extra mile with one special customer, MEH which stands for Mr Easily Hard.  He coined this nick and email just for me.  We had quite a thing going on for almost a year before he called it quits.  Silly unprofessional me actually fell for this young chap.  How stupid could I be thinking that a special relationship could blossom when we met through a panties website!  To him, it’s nothing more than a mere panty transaction.  Ironically, because of the way we met, we cannot have more in our relationship.Photo Jan 11, 8 38 23 PM

My favourite panties are usually of minimal fabric, tons of barely-there lace intricately joined together in the right places.  I usually label them as ‘not available’ on my catalogue even though they are sitting in my wardrobe.  These are the ones with a story, so I am usually reluctant to sell them.  Most of them remind me of the intimate sessions I had with an ex-special Mr. Easily Hard.  I got some extra sexy barely-covering strings specially for him but I guess there won’t ever be a chance anymore.

Moving forward in the new year of 2015, MEW’s little “business” will continue but there will be more discretion in picking customers.  I have easily thousands of viewers a day but many are just onlookers.  I hope that only serious genuine customers will write in as I can’t reply to every slightly interested Tom, Dick or Hairy.

On a personal level, I like to meet someone who genuinely likes me for who I am, not just my body, and wants to (plus have the ability to) take care of me in all aspects of life so I can quit this business.  It will be a tough call for someone with a big heart to accept my history and forgive me for meeting so many men.  Many similar panty sellers are writing to me, asking to collaborate.  I’m not sure if I’m one of the few prominent intimates-seller in Singapore, but I’m really not looking to expand this.  If this gets bigger, I will have a hard time keeping my double identity under wraps.

SimplySxy’s Used Panties special feature continues tomorrow where our next seller is also into the online dominatrix world.  Stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Miss Easily Wet
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I'm MEW from Singapore, which is short for Miss Easily Wet. You can visit me at My exquisite wet sweet nectar is heaven's scent for the panty connoisseur. You won't get panties wetter and feminine scent sweeter than mine elsewhere. Nothing makes me hornier than the satisfaction on the faces of my customers indulging in my sticky cummy panties.. From revolutionising the good old school girl panty to barely covering sexy lace thong, there is no better place to start off your panties sexperience than here with MEW one panty at a time. *bras sold separately.


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