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Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Oral Sex

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Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Oral Sex

National statistics do show that a good number of Americans do have some knowledge of oral sex. However, at the end of the day, there are still facts out there that none of them do know, in essence. Therefore, with this said, finding new and interesting facts about oral sex can make it all the more fun and interesting in its own way.  Read on to learn more about it!

Oral sex is a very common sexual act among teenagers

A lot of teens in the United States are more than likely to have oral sex before vaginal sex. This is because they don’t view it in the same way as they do vaginal sex. They see it as being something less risky, when in actuality; it is just as equally risky as is any other form of unprotected sex.

Oral sex offers pleasure for some couples and stress for others

Oral sex does have a tendency to divide some people as far as their beliefs do go. Sometimes, these beliefs are linked to reactions, which partners do tend to encounter with delivery of oral sex. These partners do worry about the other partner’s reaction and may not want to receive it for this very reason. However, on the flip side, oral sex does indeed bring lots of pleasure to people who do engage in it. It just depends on who is doing it with who and if they feel comfortable doing it.

Unprotected oral sex has its own set of risks

Oral sex does indeed have its own set of risks. This is because it is basically still labeled as being unprotected sex and for this reason it can bring problems. Some of these problems can be STDs amid the many risks. HPV can also be spread via oral sex, and one of the most life threatening of things, which is none other than AIDS. Therefore, oral sex is indeed risky, but for some people the pleasure it does bring is more than worth taking the risk for them.

Should you do unprotected oral sex or not

Oral sex is a personal sex choice. So, only you can answer this question for yourself. Some people want to do oral sex, because they like to do it, simple as that. While there are others out there who have never done it and may want to try doing it. It is a matter of personal choice and that is that. Either you want to do it or you don’t want to. When you decide to do it, however, there are risks that are associated with it just like any other form of sex. You can get an STD from it or other serious repercussions such as AIDS.

Is oral sex tied to throat cancer or not?

It is not oral sex per se that is tied to throat cancer. It is more like the HPV virus that can give a person throat cancer. The HPV virus is something that can be contracted during oral sex. The HPV virus is a common thing, and it can be passed along through sexual contact, even oral sex. However, it doesn’t always cause cancer of the throat, and also of the larynx and tonsils. It just something that can occur because of the human papillomavirus or HPV as it is more popularly known.

Is oral sex just as enjoyable as any other kind of sex or even better?

Oral sex is just as enjoyable as any other sex there is. Nonetheless, there are some factors to consider before you do go engaging in it. There are some people out there who don’t like giving or receiving oral sex. So, with this said, these may just be people who will not find oral sex all that pleasing. Each of us are different when it comes to sex, and with this said, oral sex is not designed with everyone in mind.

Do partners worry about their partner’s reaction to how they give oral sex?

Partners do tend to worry about their partner’s overall reaction when it comes to giving and receiving oral sex. This is because not everyone is into oral sex. Some people like it and others don’t. This is just the law of averages on it. Those who do like it, do it all the time. Others may be curious about it and decide to try it. While there are others who will never try it. So, it depends on you, and if your partner is comfortable with it like you are.


Oral sex is a very satisfying form of sexual act in its own way. Do you want to enhance it all the more? If the answer is yes, you should endeavor to learn all that you can about it on all fronts. Having some very new and interesting facts about it is the way to go. You can then take what you learn from these facts and apply it to your own love life overall.

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